BLOG UPDATE – My first 3 months of motherhood

I have a huge amount of posts coming up in the next couple of weeks covering the first 3 months of Liberty’s life to explain my motherhood journey covering baby illness to breastfeeding then bathtime to sleep training and mental health issues! I want to help other mums who need some guidance as struggled to find all the information I needed as had so many questions! Please note that the guidance provided is not the set way! Every baby is different and is based on my experience alone.

I started to write my posts and what I have experienced when doing the night feeds.

Everything single thing Liberty does from hiccups, having cold hands to putting her fists in her mouth I googled and followed blogs and forums from other mums relating to their experience with these things I was learning about.

There were so many areas to cover so I have broken them down into sections listed below:

  • Breastfeeding, expressing and formula
  • Sleep training
  • Bathtime
  • Baby classes
  • Post baby body
  • Baby development (link to classes)
  • Baby jabs
  • Mental health overview
  • Teething (TBC)
  • Return to work plans and nursery (TBC)
  • Weaning (TBC)


Time to get rid of the ‘Mum Tum’

Liberty is now 3 months and it’s time to get back into fitness and get my body back! It was recently in the shower when I looked down and couldn’t see my vagina again! This time it was hidden by my ‘mum tum’! To be honest, the ‘newborn baby’ diet hasn’t been the best for me as often forget to eat or when I do eat, its anything with sugar in mainly chocolate sponge pudding (1 1/2 mins in the microwave – Winning) however about 900 calories per tin!

As I am still on Maternity leave and gyms which have creches in Harrogate are £70+ per month, I am going to start with changing my diet by registering with slimming world and enlisting Charlotte Crosby and her belly blitz workout to help get me back into shape! Obviously I need some new workout clothes and trainers to help motivate me … Sports Direct here I come.

I will keep you posted – Starts on Monday (always start on Mondays right?!)


Self Love & Lipstick – Mum and Baby group Session

Make-up, Mince Pies, Mindfulness and Maternal mental Health. Such a positive morning and one of the best mother and baby groups I have been to! More than Mum Network came to talk openly about experiences with Maternal Mental Health and added a bit of glam by helping mums with makeup tips for the festive season and Jo from Baby Mindfulness ran a Mindfulness session for the babies! For more information follow them on Instagram @more_than_mum_network and @babymindfulharrogate #morethanjustatickbox

YAY! I kept a little person alive now for 8 weeks! Happy ‘8 weeks’ birthday Liberty!


This little girl is my world! Now we have hit the 8 week milestone and no one is as shocked as me that I managed to keep this little person alive as I could hardly look after myself before she came! Continue reading “YAY! I kept a little person alive now for 8 weeks! Happy ‘8 weeks’ birthday Liberty!”



Back to work for half a day to help with my anxiety! People think I am crazy but to me I need to get back into it so I can realise that they can cope without me and help curb that fear of missing out! I am looking forward to it but I’m sure that will change within 10mins! 🤣 Gutted that I can’t guarantee a seat anymore as have no bump! #missmybump



I have struggled with mental illness for along time and was diagnosed with bipolar in 2008! I have had some extreme highs and some dark lows! I have learnt to take every day as it comes and know that it’s okay not to be okay and not be ashamed of my illness! I do struggle sometimes to work out whether some of my thoughts are what I actually think or are they medicated. I have tried all sorts of therapy to help manage my illness and the best method I have found is writing this blog!

This Blog allows me to write down my thoughts and feelings, share my life and be a place where I am able to talk about topics or experiences which I can relate to and then give my view to help me learn from them. This is the best therapy for me! I highly recommend it! I have helped a number of people with it which makes it even more worthwhile! #worldmentalhealthday

‘It’s Showtime’ and the aftermath – My Labour Story – PART TWO


I was nervously waiting for the midwife to come and check the status of my cervix following on from the start of the contractions that afternoon.  I felt a mixture of emotion, praying that it was ready but then panic set in as it would be time and I wasn’t ready! So at 21:30 …. The result was ….. IT’S READY!!!

Continue reading “‘It’s Showtime’ and the aftermath – My Labour Story – PART TWO”