Finally Found Liberty’s Christening Dress 🙌

Finally found the perfect replacement for Liberty’s Christening Dress in Monsoon and even in the sale! It looks very similar to my wedding dress! I was going to make from my wedding dress but they needed the entire train of my dress to make it! I want to keep my dress as hopefully Liberty would want to wear it when she gets married! #planningahead


Time to get serious getting back into shape!

I know I had previous said that I was needed to get rid of the Mum Tum but I was totally unrealistic by wanting to start this before Christmas! So the new year and the whole ‘new year new you’ promise people make to themselves every year, I am going to start back with my fitness! I did buy some new trainers and workout clothes so I did stick to one part of the plan! Treated myself to some Sweaty Betty clothes, they were in the sale though as I couldn’t justify paying full price regardless of how nice they were!

I am not ashamed of my body as it has done amazing to grow my beautiful daughter! I want to get fit and toned to make me feel better for myself!

New plan of action is as follows:

  • Start an ‘at home’ fitness DVD! Give Liberty a laugh watching me do it. I have trade Charlotte Crosby for Ferne McCann

  • Join this amazing class called BuggyBeats where it is a fitness class you can bring your baby to! #genius first class this morning was great although there would parts where I thought I was going to pass out but been out of the game so long, I was expecting it! Details of this below:

  • Try cut out on my sugar intake starting with fizzy drinks.
  • Try to cook meals instead of buying ready made.
  • Add salad or vegetables to every meal.
  • Cut out bread!

I think this a realistic start.

I currently weigh as of today (07.01.19) 12stone 6lbs which is not bad compared to the poor diet I have where crisps and chocolate are part of my daily diet and anything easy! Did you know that there is this delicious chocolate pudding which only takes 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave! My favourite snack but at 900 calories per tin, it’s got to go 👋🏻

I will update weekly and let you know how it’s going! #LetsDoThis


There can’t only be only 1 month remaining?! 😭 – Changes to my return to work

Obviously I knew it was going to happen that I had this feeling of dread when my maternity leave end date was getting close but never thought I would have felt physically sick with it! Seeing her grow so fast, I am already starting to get the fear of missing out on her first milestones . I had to make a decision on my return to work as I needed to give 28 days notice so New Years Eve was the day where I had to make decisions. We physically can’t afford for me to continue on maternity from the yearly allowance as it would go down to only SMP (which is just enough to cover monthly bills) for 3 months and ZERO for last 3 months! I had 25 annual leave days to take which I was going to use for a extended phased return for 9 weeks working either 2-3 days a week but I have decided to take another month off and use the remaining to do a phased return over 2 weeks instead! I know that I could have really messed it up doing this way.

Reasons being that I could have got used to being away over long period instead of over a couple of weeks and another reason being that if I already feel this way now, it could get worst and get major separation anxiety. Luckily I work for an organisation that I’d really supportive so I know they have a Flexible Working Policy which I can look into where I can change my work patterns without having to reduce my hours.

As of today, I have 55 days until my phased return starts so I can try get into the right mindset and remain happy and healthy for Liberty as the last thing I want is to have an episode! #RemainCalm


#Bye2018 #Hello2019

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ What a year! I have had an amazing year with the greatest achievement ever! My beautiful amazing daughter Liberty! 👨‍👩‍👧I have never felt love like it! I can’t remember my life without her! This year I spent nearly 3/4 of it pregnant! Then I joined the Mum world and I have met some great new people, I started this blog which has gone from strength to strength with so much support, I was a bridesmaid for my one of besties and managed to successfully keep hold of my husband for a second year! There was hard times where I felt defeated what with all the drama with my meds and ensuring Liberty was healthy and growing while I was pregnant, I realised the real meaning of the term ‘true friends’ (anyone who has had a baby or a major life change knows what I mean) but I survived 🙌🙌

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ will be filled with meeting new babies, milestone birthdays and watching friends exchanging vows and continuing to see my baby girl grow up! I am so excited already!


My Breastfeeding/Expressing Experience and Recommendations 🤱🏻


After all of the drama with wanting to breastfeed while I was pregnant and all the meetings About my meds, I tried my best to do it!

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What Liberty’s 1st Christmas was like

I wanted to make her 1st Christmas a momentous occasion and Everyone keeps saying ‘ how exciting it’s your baby’s first Christmas’. Honestly I am trying to be excited but she is just a baby and like I have said before she has NO CLUE as she had still so little Therefore I am turning my attention to Celebrating the fact that it was our first Christmas as parents!

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