What will it be 💗or 💙? #GenderReveal

HELLO BABY! Happy 2️⃣0️⃣ weeks and officially half way there!! So happy to see the baby for the 2nd time in 72 Hours! Found out what we are having and the Gender Reveal video is below! I did have a feeling but Liberty threw me off as she kept calling the baby Rosie! 🤣

Fetal Heart Scan

This is the best news! ♥️ So pleased that everything looks normal! One less thing to worry about! Had to go for this scan as I had a hole in my heart as a child and so glad that there is this available now to help catch any abnormalities early on as mine wasn’t detected … Continue reading Fetal Heart Scan


Pregnancy Update – 1️⃣6️⃣ Weeks

A visit to my midwife’s for my 16 week appointment and it was such a special moment for me to hear the baby’s heartbeat! After being in and out of hospital due to some complications with bleeding and pain and seen the baby lots but not heard it’s little heartbeat! The reassurance from that little … Continue reading Pregnancy Update – 1️⃣6️⃣ Weeks


Sorry I have been quiet over the last few months! Here is the reason why.... We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting #BabyHughes no.2 which is due in Early September 2021! It hasn’t been the easiest of pregnancy so far, the constant feeling of wanting to sick and living of crackers and plain … Continue reading ✨♥️ B IS FOR BIG SISTER ♥️ ✨

Bye 2020 🖕🏻 Hello 2021

What a crazy year! What with the global pandemic still very much here, it’s still hard to adapt to the change, with lockdown after lockdown but we have made the best of it! Being a key worker, it still feels fairly normal for us as I still go to work as does my husband and … Continue reading Bye 2020 🖕🏻 Hello 2021

And just like that you are 2️⃣ 🎉

2 YEARS OF LOVING YOU! ♥️ Happy 2nd Birthday to my absolute babe! This has been an amazing year watching her grow up to be this confident and funny little girl! She has come so far in the last year! It’s been hard at times with hospital visits, and watching the world go into lockdown … Continue reading And just like that you are 2️⃣ 🎉

No more nursery!

*MILESTONE*Liberty finishes Nursery @busybees_uk today after going for 18 months! Feeling so emotional about it 😭! It’s amazing reading through the learning journals and seeing how far she has come and developed! I can’t thank them enough for all the guidance and support they have given her! When she turns 2 on Sunday she can … Continue reading No more nursery!

Happy 2️⃣3️⃣ months Liberty!

I can’t believe she is going to be 2 next month! Where has my baby gone! We have had a good month with her despite of everything going on! She has moved into her big girl bed, We have been on lots of first experience adventures like meeting animals at the Zoo and the seaside! … Continue reading Happy 2️⃣3️⃣ months Liberty!

Poorly Husband in Hospital #SingleParenting

This is what made everything about Covid 19 feel so real to me! This picture is of me wearing PPE to visit my poorly husband who has appendicitis and was in hospital! People feel that this is over the top but I have the ability to be out and about and around people so the … Continue reading Poorly Husband in Hospital #SingleParenting

Back to #WaterBabies

Look at that face! She melts my heart! Today was yet another day that things were continuing to get back to normal and Liberty’s swimming lessons started again! So happy to put her back in the water and get the usual Sunday morning routine back! Plus if we go to Dubai in September, we need … Continue reading Back to #WaterBabies

MILESTONE: Liberty’s big girl bed 😩

Liberty has finally transitioned into her toddler bed and I can’t help but feel so emotional! She really isn’t a baby anymore and will remember all the times I used to lift her into her cot from 4 months old! I’m so pleased that she has shown so much independence to tell us when she … Continue reading MILESTONE: Liberty’s big girl bed 😩

First Visit to the Seaside 🏖

Best at the beach in Saltburn-by-the-sea today! Can’t believe it’s the first time we had taken her there! She loved the sand but like mummy, the water was too cold! Looking at the sea, I told Liberty that if she ever needed to feel calm, look at the sea and all your troubles will wash … Continue reading First Visit to the Seaside 🏖

It’s my birthday 🍰🥂

Happy 3️⃣6️⃣ Birthday to me! Definitely one of the strangest ones I have ever had just to current restrictions still, normally had a party or a group of us go for drinks in town! But this year will be very quiet as everything is still adjusting to the changes! We were supposed to be going … Continue reading It’s my birthday 🍰🥂

Family Day: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Rhinos 🦏 I love the fact that we can get back out and around and exploring places again! Finally got our family days back and Yesterday we went some the Animals at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Watching her little mind get blown by all the amazing animals and her excited little face! It was amazing! … Continue reading Family Day: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Happy 2️⃣2️⃣ months Baby Girl

Happy 2️⃣2️⃣ months Liberty! I know it’s a couple of days late but with everything going back to normal it’s hard to keep up! She has got the more amazing personality developing with sass and attitude like her mum! Telling people to stop and also bossy people around 🤣 she is obsessed with nursery rhymes … Continue reading Happy 2️⃣2️⃣ months Baby Girl

Finally reunited with Amber, Liberty’s cousin! #LockdownLifted

It’s been over 3 months since I have spend a full day with my beautiful niece and the day finally arrived on Saturday! It was amazing to see them together again! Finally got to celebrate my beautiful niece’s 10th birthday with the family at the restaurant we originally booked in March! We felt safe there … Continue reading Finally reunited with Amber, Liberty’s cousin! #LockdownLifted

Hello Birthday Month 🥂

It’s my birthday month! It’s going to be a weird one this year as not technically a lockdown birthday as the world is starting to go back to normal! Hopefully the relaxed restrictions won’t impact my planned celebrations unless there is a second spike 🤞🏻 there are changes of original plans as Great Yorkshire Show … Continue reading Hello Birthday Month 🥂

Family day at the Zoo 🦒🦧

A lovely morning getting out and about with The family and taking Liberty to meet some animals at the Zoo at Flamingo Land! I haven’t been since I was a child! We had a great time and it was amazing to see how excited she was and talking to the animals which you see in … Continue reading Family day at the Zoo 🦒🦧

Day felt like it used to! #Normality

The weather this weekend literally matches what is going on In the world what with it being so confusing! From jumping in muddy puddles in the rain wearing coats and wellies in the morning with the family at our local gardens @rhsharlowcarr that has reopened to have a social distancing play date with our best … Continue reading Day felt like it used to! #Normality

Educating Liberty on Coronavirus 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🌈

After seeing this book on some of the Instagram account I follow and I decided to get it for Liberty! Such a great book with a rhyming story about what is currently happening in the world with Covid 19 to help little ones understand, I know she is too young at the moment but the … Continue reading Educating Liberty on Coronavirus 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🌈

Week 7: Fitness Update

Due to the ever-changing times I seem to have lost focus on my health and fitness which is disappointing but luckily Carly from The Fit Mummy - https://www.thefitmummy.co.uk has continued to give me support and motivation so I can get back on it! Still managing to exercise 3 times a week and monitoring my diet … Continue reading Week 7: Fitness Update

Book Recommendation: Calm parents, Happy Kids by Dr Laura Markham

I started to read this book ‘Calm Parents, Happy Kids’ by @drlauramarkham_ahaparenting to help me cope with the ever increasing tantrums that Liberty seems to be having and it’s already helped me change my approach and communication methods with her so I am calm and don’t react! 🧘🏻‍♀️I know that she is only a toddler … Continue reading Book Recommendation: Calm parents, Happy Kids by Dr Laura Markham

Recommendations: Pamper Nappy Pants

AD| GIFTED we are so lucky to be able to take part in the Pampers Pass it on campaign with @pampersuk_ire and @officialparentsquad @officialemmasdiary .Liberty Likes to move around a lot while sleeping and these nappies move with her which is great as previously she managed to catch the tabs of the normal nappies and … Continue reading Recommendations: Pamper Nappy Pants


Throwback to the weekend! Was lovely to get out and about in the sunshine! Back to reality this week, Dave is back to work and now nursery has opened properly and then the weather is changing 😩. It’s all starting to go slightly back to normal! It’s at this time where I think I might … Continue reading **HELLO JUNE**

Mental Health Awareness Week – The theme is Kindness!

This is me feeling like I am managing to keep my shit together! It’s during this certain time, mental health is more important than ever! You can feel isolated, lost, scared and extremely lonely during this time and it can cause you to shut off! With my personal mental health struggles I have been lucky … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week – The theme is Kindness!

Happy 2️⃣0️⃣ month’s Liberty!

She had gone back to nursery and she loves it! Getting play with other children and have fun all day makes me so happy! Helps with her routine and getting some of it back! She has been a challenge this month as she has changed some much! Her final top 2 teeth are coming through! … Continue reading Happy 2️⃣0️⃣ month’s Liberty!


Week 4 of @thefitmummytotheo (Instagram) Working on Mama 8 week programme and 4 week boot camp -I feel incredible! So much stronger and more energy! This has given me the focus and confidence during lockdown to make a positive change to my lifestyle! I was a notorious comfort eater while binge watching Netflix and HAYU. … Continue reading I AM FINALLY SEEING RESULTS! ✅💪🏻

Week 2 – ‘Working on Mama’ fitness programme 💪🏻

Continuing to do my daily exercise with the amazing Carly and starting to see results! As you can see below! I am feeling stronger and fitter! 🙌🏻 I was originally doing it to get my beach body for Dubai in June but I am doing for myself now as I had forgotten how exercise made … Continue reading Week 2 – ‘Working on Mama’ fitness programme 💪🏻

Week 1 of fitness completed ✅

Week 1 of @thefitmummytotheo on Instagram ‘Working on Mama’ 8 week programme and I feel better already both physically and me mentally! I lacked so much confidence with my body even though I’m incredibly proud of it for making Liberty and punished myself for comfort eating! It’s nice during this time that I’m able to … Continue reading Week 1 of fitness completed ✅

Decision to put Liberty back in Nursery

We made the decision to put Liberty back in nursery with the key worker place we had reserved this week after removing her 3 weeks ago! The reasons behind taking her out was that I was worried about her exposure and the fact my husband has a condition that makes him high risk. Over the … Continue reading Decision to put Liberty back in Nursery

Happy Easter lovely Followers 🐣

One of my favourite day as it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast and then have a massive Sunday roast! Also it’s a day where I can share it with Liberty and continue the traditions and get her her own selection of Easter gifts and an outfit! Starting the day with some Bunny shaped crumpets … Continue reading Happy Easter lovely Followers 🐣

Started my online Mummy fitness classes! #stayathome

Back on my fitness game and started Fit Mummy PT classes online with Carly! She is an amazing mum who is a PT and has created a new online community for mums to get fit! Also I have been a follower of her since for ages and great to finally meet her and Theo! Like … Continue reading Started my online Mummy fitness classes! #stayathome

Toddler Activities while staying at home – List included

After all the stress and beating myself up, I’m Starting to settle into a routine with entertaining Liberty after everything! Got so many different activities from Chad Valley from Sand and Water tray to a bubble mower! She absolutely loves her football too which daddy was buzzing over! Future England’s women’s captain! 🙌🏻 Next week … Continue reading Toddler Activities while staying at home – List included

Happy 1️⃣9️⃣ months Liberty!

What a crazy last month it’s been! A massive change to her routine due to everything but luckily she is oblivious to everything and lives that fact is that she gets to spend so much time with mummy and daddy! Dave is really getting to know what a hard job it is looking after a … Continue reading Happy 1️⃣9️⃣ months Liberty!

My Bare Truth about how I currently feel

My bare truth! I’m literally sat here alone in the dark thinking about everything feeling a mixture of anxiety and frustration and feeling a little bit lost! After trying to be optimistic over the last few weeks the realisation is really hitting home about how bad this actually is ! I go to work each … Continue reading My Bare Truth about how I currently feel

Hello April where life will be lived online!

My MacBook and phone are my lifelines more than ever during this current situation! Well obviously all my plans for the last month had gone out the window due the coronavirus pandemic! What an insane month! Started so well celebrating Liberty turning 18 months and My sister-in-laws 30th and then it all started to change … Continue reading Hello April where life will be lived online!

**Mum guilt 3**keeping your toddler entertained during the lockdown!

With all of this going on, you have the additional stress of worrying that your toddler will have enough to do and to play with during the whole lockdown situation. we have taken the decision to take her out of nursery due to trying to eliminate her exposure as I have to go to work … Continue reading **Mum guilt 3**keeping your toddler entertained during the lockdown!

I can’t see my niece on her 1️⃣0️⃣ birthday 😩

Here is the first picture and most recent picture of her with Liberty! The bond between the two of them is so strong and they love each other so much! It’s heartbreaking today not to be able to see her and celebrate with her due to all of this but at least she is home … Continue reading I can’t see my niece on her 1️⃣0️⃣ birthday 😩

BACK TO REALITY Tomorrow👩🏻‍💻🏫

Party’s over! Going back to work and Liberty goes back to preschool and having to get everyone ready and out the house for 8am! Things can start going back into some sort of normality under the circumstances and being in tier3! It has been a lovely Christmas break and I have loved spending all this … Continue reading BACK TO REALITY Tomorrow👩🏻‍💻🏫

Happy 4️⃣ Wedding Anniversary Baby Love

To be honest this has probably been the hardest year of marriage as I’m sure it has for a lot of people as 2020 has been a horrible year! We have dealt with serious health issues, furlough and lots of cancelled plans that has taken a toll! Saw a great quote to sum up the … Continue reading Happy 4️⃣ Wedding Anniversary Baby Love