Just because I’m pregnant, doesn’t mean I’m a boring B*!#h! Guide to Sober Socialising

Earlier this week I realised when I checked the diary that I had a work colleague’s leaving party to attend at the weekend. I was excited for this however nervous being around alcohol in a situation where I have previously survived by getting drunk! I have been to social events with friends and family before where I had been sober, but this situation is slightly different as some of my colleagues I don’t work directly with and don’t know very well personally. Alcohol has always enabled me to have the confident to engage in conversation with anybody therefore helping me survive circumstances like this.

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Is that Liberty moving or just muscle pain? Baby movements in Pregnancy

Feeling Liberty move is one of the most exciting things I am looking forward to! It symbolises that THERE IS ACTUALLY a life is developing within me. Obviously seeing or hearing her isn’t enough, I need more!!

Most women feel the first movement of their baby, known as quickening, between weeks 16 and 24 and fetal movement during pregnancy is one of main things that can drive women crazy with questions and doubts. Mine being: when do I start to feel it? Is that her or just muscle pain? Is she okay because I haven’t felt her yet? Is it because my placenta is front facing (anterior placenta)? I am currently 23 weeks and confused with what I am feeling so panicking a little.

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Liberty’s Annoucement

Hello my beautiful daughter! Can’t wait to meet you in August! You are called Liberty. Your name means freedom. You represent my freedom and hope as you have helped  change my life and save me! I feel so much love for you already even though you like to choose my mood, what I eat and whether I can keep it down or not!

I had often thought about having children but my own selfishness of only having to think about me, had always got in the way and would rebel against it.  But now I am pregnant and I have seen and heard her, I have finally admitted that deep down I have always wanted a child especially a daughter #futurebestfriend

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