Hello my beautiful daughter! Can’t wait to meet you in August! You are called Liberty. Your name means freedom. You represent my freedom and hope as you have helped  change my life and save me! I feel so much love for you already even though you like to choose my mood, what I eat and whether I can keep it down or not!

I had often thought about having children but my own selfishness of only having to think about me, had always got in the way and would rebel against it.  But now I am pregnant and I have seen and heard her, I have finally admitted that deep down I have always wanted a child especially a daughter #futurebestfriend

Of course we were going to find out what we were having as my personality would not allow me not to know, I would go crazy. Once we knew we were having a girl, she was immediately given a name and that was what she was going to called. No longer bump, baby, baba, the daily size according to a pregnancy app. I used to message hello to my husband daily with love from me and selected object of the day to represent the growth size). Some of my favourites were jelly bean, Belgium waffle and chocolate truffle. Now it is she, her, Liberty or Lib Lib.

We then had a mini gender reveal with our close family and friends to reveal her identity. This would then be shared when we share the news on social media.

It took a while to share publicly that she was coming, god I don’t mean to sound so pretentious thinking that I am some sort of celebrity with this comment – well I did go on Bargain Hunt if that counts towards a celebrity status  🤣! This was due to my health implications which needed to be checked out as I feared that my baby would have head and heart problems like her mother. We got the all clear from the Fetal Cardiology clinic and the mental health support arrangements are in progress so at this moment in time all is good!

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