With regards to my blog, I promised I would cover all sorts of topics and know I have been spamming the front page with pregnancy posts therefore I am going to keep my promise and talk about something different.  The subject of choice is relationships. First things first I am going to cover what it is like dating someone with bipolar.  Once you have an insight into what it is like then I will talk about different dating situations that I have been in. These situations range from ones which led to engagements, one where I had a relationship via FaceTime, lush driven  to dangerous obsession ones,  and one which I will refer to as a ‘Stella’ situation (if you know what I mean). There has been some good ones too I promise like ones where its like dating your best friend, ones where I was worshipped and of course my ‘happy ever after’ 🤵🏻👰🏻.

I believe that writing about my experiences will help me try and find some peace with what I have been through and enable me to move forward.

I will write about each situation individually as if I tried to cover all in one post, it would easily  be a good 100,000 words (no one has time to read all that in one go).  Each situation post will include my personal experience and how it ended. I will also give some non-judgemental advice on what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation. I will post one every couple of weeks in between different subjects to mix it up a bit so I don’t over load you with crazy relationship stories.

NEXT POST TO FOLLOW: I’m not CRAZY B*!#h (but I can be) – What you should know before dating someone with Bipolar

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