Gone are the days when I only needed a couple of cheap make up product to ensure that I looked like I hadn’t just been dug up!

No longer a high school kid who have the entire No.17 and Rimmel ranges. The concealer stick, mascara, pressed powder and glaze lip gloss (this could of been from the local chemist as long as it shiny) were the essentials. My love was white eye liner! I even wore it right into my 20s! #oldhabitsdiehard

Then would use Barry M for the high school house parties or nights out with fake ID and underage drinking.

Nowadays, I need more products to take care of my ‘well weathered’ skin! These being some of the following: CC products, primer, concealer, foundation, contouring products, a selection of brushes/sponges, lipsticks with matching lip liners! Oh yes forgot to mention the eye brow styling kits, lash primer and mascara and of course the make up setting spray!

Having heard all sort of stories about when babies arrive and the lack of sleep, never having a hot cup of tea and that routines change, I understand that I need to get used to the fact is that one of the routines includes putting make up on. I need to get used to fact that I will be unable to have a perfectly polished face when Liberty arrives. With this in mind, my research commenced for the survival guides. After reading many countless articles in magazines, blogs and forums, I am informed that I will need to invest in a good tinted moisturiser and a waterproof mascara. This is of course if you want to wear make up that is. Obviously there are people out there that have written that they still manage to do their full routine in the morning where others have said that they could but couldn’t be bothered!

I think I will be okay as I am such a lazy b*!#h that I literally get out of bed 15 mins before leaving the house and manage to put on make up and look slightly alive! 🙌

The products I use are:

  • Olay Total Effects CC Cream
  • Max factor CC green canyon
  • Max factor all in one ‘Face Finity’ foundation
  • Max factor cream blush (eyes, cheeks and lips)
  • Max factor Masterpiece Max mascara (classic)
  • Rimmel eye brow pencil
  • Nars ‘casino’ bronzer or Max Factor golden Bronzer

All trusty products which I swear by!

I do add a couple of products for when I go on a night out. I try and recapture my youth with some sparkle sometimes however it’s classed as shimmer not glitter and is from Bobbi Brown but Barry M!

So the changes to routines which I need to be aware of: Make up routine ✅


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