As a hopeless romantic, I have been looking forward to the royal wedding for weeks! One of the main attractions for me like any fashion thinking female was seeing the dress! The dress is should a big deal for a wedding (well I think it is anyway) and I couldn’t wait to see what Meghan had chosen! She has all the world designers to choose from so who was it going to be….

Seeing a quick glance of the dress in the car on the way to the ceremony, I saw the top part which look like a thick boat necked dress with no detail but hoped that there was more to the dress when we see her get out of the car!

She arrived and then you saw it, the dress in all its glory and there was I, disappointed! The dress was boring! No sign of any detail, just a plain white fitted dress with a huge train and 3/4 sleeves! You can’t fault the fact that the dress was a classic, elegant and beautifully made dress but to me it was boring! I was expecting more!

So I thought I would share my opinion on Twitter! Well that was an eye opener for me! I had heard about many occasions  where people are trolled on Twitter for having an opinion and now it was my turn to feel some heat! This was the tweet:


As you can see I just commented on the dress, no mention of her beauty, race, appearance, mental state of mind or her teeth!

The lovely people of Twitter however responded to my tweet with a mixture of agreement and some anger! Apparently I have no class or taste, that I should take my own advice about that no one should go through Mental Health Alone (not sure how this is relevant to my tweet)! Apparently I need to get a life as it’s not about me, someone told me that us Brits don’t get her beauty as we all have quote ‘grotesquely ugly teeth’. Also if I ever get married, they hope I take a look in the mirror and compare myself to Meghan 🤔 and my personal favourite, I was asked would I judge my daughter if she worn an ugly dress!!!

WTF, some people! I took all my strength not to keyboard warrior back to those people! The person that tweeted attacking me about mental health as since deleted the tweet which is good at least because was totally unnecessary!

I just need to count to 10 and not lower myself to reply! I am entitled to an opinion, I did not force it on anyone therefore I have done nothing wrong! #freedomofspeech


One thought on “Don’t lower yourself to respond! My first experience with Twitter Trolls!

  1. I live in the USA and I also thought that for $350,000 they could have come up with something better. Although the dress had a simple elegant line about it it just did not fit her well at all. And $18,000.00 for hair and make-up? another rip off she should have gotten her money back on that as well. If you point out the obvious facts regarding the wedding–dress not fitting well, lousy hair and make up, bring rant by black pastor, black choir–I have heard better at Agape church in Culver City, everyone looked bored and miserable during service even Harry–well people are going to call you racist. Here in the usa people of color are now claiming they have a princess–and yet again they are in error as she is only a Duchess. I accidentally tuned in because I wanted to see the dress and yeah was rather disappointed. Even Randy Finoli bridal dress designer and Katy Perry both said that the dress didn’t fit well.

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