After the heat wave over the first May bank holiday weekend and the recent summer weather including today, I realised I am no way ready for the summer let alone being pregnant for nearly all of it! There are 6 areas that I have identified as issues that need some analysis to help me survive:

  1. How to cool down
  2. Dealing with sweating
  3. Dressing  properly
  4. Staying hydrated
  5. Managing being busy
  6. Dealing with Hayfever

I have asked around mums and on social media, joined online forums and researched the internet for solutions to how to deal with these and here is what I have tried and tested (majority of the product links for Boots as you get extra points for purchases especially as a member of the Boots parenting club):

1. How to cool down ❄️

Unfortunately I don’t have the option of just throwing myself  fully clothed into a swimming pool therefore I have had to try and find solutions that would cool my body without having to get my husband to hose me down on the back patio.

  • Boots Hot weather Cooling spray – it instantly cools my face and helps me feel refreshed. I even use it to spray down my top or up my dress to cool (the struggle is real!)
  • Mini Fan – no explanation necessary
  • Mini Paddling pool – These can be brought from any supermarket or home store, amazon or  eBay. This was my quick win for me to help me cool down and also help with the swelling on my ankles and feet at the same time when I dip my feet in.

2. Dealing with sweating 😓

As the title reads, I literally feel like I am sweating from every part of my body. I am so conscience that I smell that I spray deodorant about 100 times and constantly use the methods above to cool myself down. There are 5 products that I love which I swear by when I comes to helping ensure I don’t look like or feel like a mess when I am all hot and sweaty:

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup – I am still struggling with my skin like I did when I was a teenager. Pregnancy hasn’t helped with the appearance of my skin therefore I need foundation to stop me from looking dead. My favourite foundation is Max factor all in one ‘Face Finity’ foundation however I find it a little too heavy for summer. Estee Lauder have the perfect summer lightweight foundation. It gives me the natuaral complextion I want and doesn’t melt off my face in this heat and it is also SPF10. It is a bit on the expensive side but you don’t need much and it is totally worth it.
  • Max Factor Masterpiece HD Waterproof Mascara – I have literally tried every waterproof mascara even made which can stand  the runny eyes that I have due to hayfever and my current uncontrollable emotions, This one is the only one that has the staying power which is great to not look like a panda. And also makes my eyes look bright which is a bonus as I am sleep deprived already.
  • Sure Women  Maximum Protection Sensitive Dry Anti-Perspirant Cream – This is the only anti-perspirant that I have found works for me all day in even in this heat and it is gentle on delicate underarm skin. Just be careful not to get on clothes when you get dressed as can leave white marks especially on black!
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo – my hair is always the first to show signs of sweat as it is soo thick that if it is up in a bun, it retains the heat and my hair is dripping wet. Once I dry it, it looks all dull and greasy therefore it needs freshing up so I use Batiste Dry Shampoo, the Floral and Flirty one. This sorts my dull greasy hair right out and smells amazing too!
  • Femfresh Wipes – What with all the sweating, I need to refresh my whole body and usually done with baby wipes but as Liberty grows more and more, I feel even more unclean especially in areas that I can no longer see,  These  freshness wipes are amazing to help me feel clean and fresh.

3. Dressing Properly 👗

I will actually write a separate piece on maternity fashion however I need to have wear clothes which are comfortable for me and my new body shape and this heat. Summer dress

The research and personal experience is to go for loose, light coloured clothes (what! No black?!?!) Well needs were a must so had to embrace it!

I found a couple of maxi dresses from Primark first to test out and to be honest, they were amazing!

Loose fitting helped me feel cooler and kept me from overheating especially round the boob area. However I have this new confident to wear bodycon dresses to show off the bump but hit a wall with the right underwear to wear that doesn’t show VPL! I will not be a victim of that regardless of my body shape. If anyone has an good tips or brands they recommend, please let me know! Yet again, the struggle is real.

4. Stay hydrated 💦

The norm is to drink at least 2 litres of water a day and there is a requirement to increase your intake when the weather is hot as you need to replace the fluids that your body is sweating out. I always make sure that I have a bottle of water with me where ever I go. Due to the increase of fluids, I try and make it fun and mix it up a little by adding fruit to it like lemons or oranges, I sometimes add mint leaves and then when I crave sugar, I add some sugar free Vimto cordial to it! #happiness

5. Managing being busy 🏃🏻‍♀️🛑

Listen to your body! If you are tired, take a rest, don’t try and push through. There are many reasons why but mainly because if you push yourself too far, you will be exhausted and won’t be good for you or the baby. I am struggling to come to terms with the fact is that I am not as fast as I used to be and now have to add on at least 10 -15 minutes to anywhere I have to be so I don’t have to rush and can walk at a sensible pace, This is one of the things that my husband loves as I was a notorious power walker where he liked to mooch so he is winning in this situation.

6. Dealing with Hay fever 🌼

With summer comes hay fever and I didn’t think there would be an issue managing this how I had previously done over the years. I thought I best check as pregnancy changes a lot of things. I am glad I did as turns out popping my one-a-day tablet isn’t advisable during pregnancy . I googled ‘ Can I take hay fever medicine during pregnancy? And this was the answer: ‘It depends on the medicine. During pregnancy, you can take some hay fever medicines but not others, because there’s not enough evidence on their safety.’ I spoke to the pharmacist in Boots and I was told to use a nasal spray instead and some eye drops for my itchy eyes. The best ones are:

For more information , see the NHS question page:


Also with summer, wear sun cream, at least factor 30 as sun burn will not help with your comfortable levels one little bit! Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF30 is my fave and reminds me of holidays! 

I hope this guide has helped you and feel free to let me know if you any other tips or products that I can try which arebetter.🖤

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