I am 6 months pregnant but I look about 8 months as Liberty seems to be growing at a super fast rate! With this, my body is feeling the pressure and have experienced cramping and tummy pain. So bad in fact that I had to go to the Maternity Assessment Clinic to demand that someone let me hear my baby to check she was still there!!! Reason for being so dramatic was that as my placenta is at the front cushioning all the movement and then feeling pain, panic takes over!

The cramps seem to be getting worse along with my backache the more she grows that I have been referred to physiotherapy by my midwife. She mentioned that the pain might be due to the ligament pressure or something along those lines. I was given a physio triage form  to complete to take to the physiotherapist for them to assess me which I completed highlighting the above complaints along with calf pain and pins and needles.

I googled ‘pelvic pain in pregnancy’ and some of the research showed that one of the common pains that pregnant women experience is called Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). This is a problem with the pelvis. The pelvis is mainly formed of two pubic bones that curve round to make a cradle shape. The pubic bones meet at the front of the pelvis, at a firm joint called the symphysis pubis.  The joint’s connection is made strong by a dense network of tough tissues (ligaments). During pregnancy, swelling and pain can make the symphysis pubis joint less stable, causing SPD. https://www.babycentre.co.uk/a546492/pelvic-pain-in-pregnancy-spd

This could be the reason why I am experiencing pain but I am never one for self-diagnosis as google once told me that I had 7 minutes to live following a tooth pain.

To top it off with my bump looking big, it is measuring big too at my first measurement plot on the measurement chart at 27 weeks. My husband is convinced that my diet is to blame and that my addiction to fizzy strawberry laces is responsible but I don’t believe that (well I hope not! Liberty loves laces). I have only gained 9 lbs weight in my pregnancy so far so not got a bad diet. This proves that I am not talking advantage of this ‘eating for 2’ excuse to eat what I want when I want!

Current changes that I have made to help

As I had mentioned in my previous post about the need to slow down, I really do struggle with adjusting to this. I  am struggling to come to terms with the fact is that I am not as fast as I used to be and now have to add on at least 10 -15 minutes to anywhere I have to be so I don’t have to rush and can walk at a sensible pace,  I have even decided to change my maternity leave for me to go off 4 weeks before Liberty is due instead of 2 weeks! (I know I even shocked myself with this decision) but I had to listen to my body and what this the pains I have, I need to stay as healthy as possible.

In addition to this, I do the following:

I am resting when I feel tired and even having a nap instead of fighting it.

I have a nightly bath before bed to relax  with lots of bubbles sponsored by Radox Feel Relaxed Bath http://www.boots.com/radox-feel-relaxed-bath-500ml-10108224Use

Pregnancy Pillow.jpgThen I have my pregnancy pillow to help me be comfortable – this beast!! I am not sure where this one was from as it was a gift from my friends however you can get one that is similar from eBay –https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Extra-Fill-9-Ft-Comfort-U-Pillow-Body-Back-Support-Nursing-Maternity-Pregnancy/262825874593?epid=8018169991&hash=item3d31a494a1:g:cioAAOSwo4pYcPSl

I use a pillow spray to help my sleep – This Works deep sleep pillow spray (This is my saviour) http://www.boots.com/this-works-deep-sleep-pillow-spray-75ml-10134025

I also have to ensure that I use some products to help reduce my chances of stretch marks  like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter For Stretch Mark  http://www.boots.com/palmers-cocoa-butter-formula-tummy-butter-for-stretch-marks-1-x-125g-10081379and the old classic Bio Oil http://www.boots.com/bio-oil-200ml-for-scars-stretch-marks-and-dehydrated-skin-10072167

I decided to take up Aqaunatal classes as they claim to be the perfect pregnancy class as they do the following:

  •  The water cushions the joints so you can exercise safely and comfortably
  •  Improve fitness and promote a sense of wellbeing
  • Increase your cardio and boost your respiratory system
  • Build stamina (invaluable during labour!)
  • Feel more relaxed, to prepare for labour, birth and beyond
  • Increase flexibility and endurance
  • Develop balance and coordination
  • Gain relief from swelling to your ankles and feet
  • Boost serotonin levels to help improve your mood
  • Meet other mums to be and make new friends

I found a class in Harrogate run by by Annie, a practising midwife, qualified nurse and fully trained level 2 Aquanatal instructor from the company ‘Blooming Babies Yorkshire’ see link for more information: https://bloomingbabiesyorkshire.co.uk/aquanatal

The class was good and ticked all the boxes and I felt better for doing the right exercises during pregnancy. There was a  mixture of exercises to get the heart rate going, toning and relaxing plus a part where there was a ‘meet and greet’ which was nice to meet the other mums and about their babies and pregnancy experience so far. Liberty was probably thinking ‘what the hell is going on out there’ as she must have been bouncing around constantly in there. I will definitely continue to go to these classes all the way to full term (someone at my first class was 2 days overdue).

Antenatal Physio recommendations

At the Antenatal Triage appointment for physiotherapy, it did confirm that I do suffer from Symphysis pubis dysfunction and I have carpal tunnel Syndrome in both wrists! Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is pressure on a nerve in the wrist, it is very common in pregnancy due to the build up in fluid in the tissues in the wrist. https://www.babycentre.co.uk/a549291/carpal-tunnel-syndrome-in-pregnancy-natural-remedies 

The physiotherapist told me that I need to follow the advice from the Information sheet attached below ensuring that I focus on 2 key elements – Posture and Exercise. 

Pregnancy Physiotherapy Information Sheet (Click link to open in new tab)

I was also given 2 wrist splints to put on my wrists at night to help reduce the pressure.

Please note that the Information sheet was given to me by a professional following an assessment of my individual needs therefore if you have had experienced pain similar to me, please go see a professional to help you as your needs may be slightly different to mine.

Following on from this session, at least my body and Liberty are healthy on the inside just a lot of physical pressure on my body! Happy that it is just that! My next growth measurement is next Tuesday 12th June so let’s see how she measures then!


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