The baby shower was amazing yesterday! I am so thankful to have some amazing friends! The request for books for Liberty to create a library for her was a success! Asked people to bring a book which reminded them of their childhood or ones that taught important lessons and so happy with the selection n! I just need to add my additions of ‘Funnybones’ and ‘The Magic Key’ and Dave’s addition of the ‘Manchester United Annual 2018-19’ 👶🏻💦📚

#SkoolsoutforSummer! Maternity Leave starts now!

I am feeling such a wide variety of emotion! I have now finished work for maternity leave! It has been a stressful day with network issues, cancelled trains and my system crashing 10 minutes before I am supposed to leave #standard ! 4 weeks until Liberty is due so let the nesting commence and when I can crack open my Prosecco! I am so thankful to all everyone at work for your kind gifts, messages and support and can’t wait for her to meet her extended family! 🤰🏻➡️🤱🏻


Please stop hiding and let me see more of you – 4D baby scan round 2

With Liberty being naughty on Monday when we had a scan in London, Ultrasound Direct allowed us to have a rescan for free even though I am classed as too far along! Went to their York clinic today and they tried so hard to get some more pictures but she is still being naughty! #likemotherlikedaughter managed to get another picture, see her yawn and see that she doesn’t just suck her thumb, she puts her whole hand in her mouth!! God I love her! #hellodaughter


How am I going to get Liberty out? Planning for Labour using The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill – PART 1

With all the drama planning for the what ifs around my mental health when Liberty arrives  and whether my meds would cause issues when it came to breastfeeding, I haven’t actually  been asked what kind of birth I would like. Before I was pregnant I would joke saying that I was too posh to push and have my labour booked in and plan my labour around my life. I would want the baby to come ‘out of the sunroof’ if you know what I mean as no way I would want to it to come out of my V. The thought terrified me! So it was time to ask myself what kind of birth I actually wanted.

Having no clue, a colleague at work suggested a book which was the ‘NO BS’ book to pregnancy, birth and the early days which would cover everything I wanted to know and all the things I hadn’t even thought of! The book was called ‘The Positive Birth Book’ by Milli Hill.

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Before candlelit dinners and ‘do not disturb’ turns into Bottle feed and Bedtime stories – Introduction to the trend of babymoons

People have asked me many times whether we were going to take a break just the two of us before Liberty arrives.  Apparently there is a trend that expectant parents do before child birth which is referred to as a babymoon!  This means having one last relaxing/romantic holiday as a childless couple. It is almost bittersweet! You get a reason to go on holiday however it will never be the same again! As candlelit dinners and ‘do not disturb’ turns into Bottle feed and Bedtime stories at 7pm.

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Hello Liberty! Thank you for showing us just the smallest part of your face on the 4D scan! That is enough for me until I can see you properly in 6 weeks (ish) You are just perfect! I love you so much already, my future best friend and best thing that has ever happened to me! #libertyravenhughes


My mask is starting to crack!

Today has been a bad day for me to be honest! I have had a great day with my niece Amber but I am exhausted now! Not just physically but mentally! I am experiencing a lot of anxiety at the moment and my mask is starting to crack and can’t seem to hide it that much longer. I am nervous for the multi agency Mental Health planning meeting on Wednesday, maternity Leave is less than 3 weeks away and feeling unprepared and to top it off, I having a few personal problems where my mood swings aren’t been understood therefore have a negative impact in my relationships! All I want is to be understood! In particular, people to understand what it means to have bipolar! I feel a bit lost at the moment with so much going on that I am struggling to keep my shit together! I can’t control my mood at the best of times and especially at the moment adding pregnancy to the mix, I am an absolute NIGHTMARE! I can be unreasonable, angry, ridiculous, overreact then excited, obsessive and loved up within a matter of minutes! I hate that this happens 😢 I just don’t know what to do! I am going to try get some sleep, everything normally feels better after a good sleep 🤞🏻

Obviously it will be a like a 6 month holiday – Maternity Leave Planning has commenced

So my maternity leave starts in approx 23 days and I am starting to nest! The house is spotless, new furniture, plants and interiors have been purchased to make the house a home! I am going on Maternity in week 36 as need to learn to take it easy and try relax before Liberty arrives! First couple of purchases part of my maternity leave planning are The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill and Burnout Paradise Remastered for the xBox One! Channelling my inner geek! #23daystogo


It’s my birthday and I will cry if I want to!

And I probably will as I will be really emotional!

So hello July! How did we get here already ?! What an exciting month this is going to be! First things things it’s my birthday month! Baby moon booked for London, my baby shower and I finish work on 27th for Maternity 😱!I got surprised with the best gift ever as My husband told me that he has booked me in for a 4D scan on my actual birthday! I GET TO SEE MY DAUGHTER! Nothing can beat that 🙌🤰🏻😁 #queensareborninjuly