Today has been a bad day for me to be honest! I have had a great day with my niece Amber but I am exhausted now! Not just physically but mentally! I am experiencing a lot of anxiety at the moment and my mask is starting to crack and can’t seem to hide it that much longer. I am nervous for the multi agency Mental Health planning meeting on Wednesday, maternity Leave is less than 3 weeks away and feeling unprepared and to top it off, I having a few personal problems where my mood swings aren’t been understood therefore have a negative impact in my relationships! All I want is to be understood! In particular, people to understand what it means to have bipolar! I feel a bit lost at the moment with so much going on that I am struggling to keep my shit together! I can’t control my mood at the best of times and especially at the moment adding pregnancy to the mix, I am an absolute NIGHTMARE! I can be unreasonable, angry, ridiculous, overreact then excited, obsessive and loved up within a matter of minutes! I hate that this happens 😢 I just don’t know what to do! I am going to try get some sleep, everything normally feels better after a good sleep 🤞🏻

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