The August due date has been and gone and still no Liberty! I think that subconsciously Liberty knew that I wanted a September baby hence why she is holding on! (You can come out now!) The reason being is that I wanted a baby that would be the oldest in the school year.

 I am a July baby and being the one of the youngest in the class did have some issues especially when it came to being old enough to do certain things. Having to watch all your friends do things that you weren’t old enough to do was hard. Back in the day some of the examples were issues going to the cinema to watch a 12 or 15 and having to lie about your age, not being old enough to be able to have a part time job yet to waiting nearly a whole year while you watch your friends get a driving licence or ID.

Also to add insult to injury, my birthday would always fall on the last week of school so couldn’t really plan birthday parties as would often conflict with my friends annual family holidays or end of school events/trips so my birthday was always low key. Having fewer wishes was hard as a child back then. Now kids have social media to pass on wishes instead of having to rely on your parents to get cards you to give to your friends or missing calls from friends on the home phone as you were out. I think that’s why I tend to make a fuss of my birthday every year and have a themed party so it is not forgotten!

That is just my experience of being one of the youngest in school. #schoolwastough

Obviously when you are out of the school bubble, it doesn’t really matter once you are old enough to do everything.

Liberty won’t have those problems now as she will be born around the first week in school year by the looks of it! I am sure that this would have a number of issues but happy that I got my wish. There are lots of research and theory out there on the internet that says that September babies are smarter but I am not going to obsess about that. We will just go with the flow and see how Lib develops. I can’t wait to see who she becomes!



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