Hitting a low point 😔 no more maternity leave

So today is the day that I’m officially ‘back to work’ as the last day of my maternity leave was yesterday! I am technically on holiday now until 25th February!

I feel so strange that the 6 months is up! A mixture of emotion from happiness that my pay will go up but nothing compared to the extreme sadness I feel that I am going back to work and don’t get to spend my days with her apart from 2 out of 7! This is really shit!

Gran is taking her for the whole day tomorrow to help me start to get used to the days I will be without her! I’m not ready! I’m really not! I need to remain focused and know that between my parents, Dave’s mum and nursery, she Will be in the best possible care but that’s not what’s bothering me!

It’s the thought of missing her milestones! She is yet to roll over, sit up and we are in the process of weaning her and I don’t want to miss a second of it! I know I sound like a moany bitch but my anxiety is off the scale!

If anyone has any tips to help me with returning to work, please message me!


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