Born – 20:49 on 06.09.2018

Weight – 6lb 4oz

Days over – 9

Throughout pregnancy I had the following appointments:

  • Physio: 5
  • Therapy: 19
  • Consultant: 4
  • Midwife Appointments: 15
  • Blood tests: 8
  • 3 hospital scans: 3
  • Fetal health scans: 2
  • 4D scans: 2
  • Injections: 2
  • Family outreach appointments: 5
  • Multi-agency meeting: 1
  • Health visitor: 2.
  • Antenatal classes: 3
  • Aquanatal classes: 10
  • Stretch and sweep: 3

Changes to my body:

  • Was tested for – gestational diabetes, Iron deficiency and Urine Infections
  • Weight gain – 1 stone 4lbs
  • Sick on myself 2 times
  • Wet myself 3 times
  • Additional meds to take – folic acid, Iron, vitamin D and K
  • I experienced morning sickness towards the end of the 1st Trimester
  • I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel and SPD
  • I had a couple of cravings that really stuck out like peach melba yoghurt and fizzy strawberry laces. I even managed to start to like mint chocolate! My cravings were mainly based on conversations with others about food for example, the advert about when was the best time and how you eat cornflakes made me crave them. I had to go to the shop to get some and eat them plain with just ice cold milk.
  • I suffered from the world’s worst heartburn in my 3rd trimester!Rennie saved my life.

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