Liberty started herWeaning Journey with Ella’s Kitchen ‘first tastes’ before moving on the mixedfruit and vegetable purees. She is doing so well with it and with lots ofencouragement and getting her to copy me when I hold the spoon to my mouth andopen it. The food plan which we followed is set out above

So far so good. Thereis only one flavour she is not sure of that that’s blueberries There is a pouchthat combines blueberries with banana! This is a bonus to us as Bananas are herfavourite so this should help! I am going to introduce porridge to breakfasttime next – banana flavour to help as you all now, baby Rice wasn’t wellreceived at all! 

She is nearly at theend of the smooth purees in Stage 1 and then will be trying the pouches thatare thicker purée which comes in flavours like tomato and Lentil bake,cauliflower cheese and vegetable couscous. I am trying to get her to tryeverything but sometimes it is shadowed by my dislike for certain foods likeprunes and pumpkin. I am getting better with this.

What really helped with what to give her was receiving the weaning menus from nursery. This helps also with checking that she has tried what is on the menus as they won’t give them anything that she hasn’t previously. She will start on stage 2 when she starts on 11th March which consists of textured courses and finger foods! I have got an section of finger foods which are mini rice cakes, mini breadsticks, sticks of broccoli and carrots and then avocado, bananas and melon!  I give her the spoon at mealtimes and she is nearly there getting it in her mouth. She just hasn’t managed to be able to put the food in her mouth properly so we will delay that for the moment. I give her the spoon at mealtimes and she is nearly there getting it in her mouth.


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