She has now tasted the whole of Ella’s Kitchen Stage 1 pouch and now on to the next stage in their range! I know I was going to start her on the more textured foods when she starts nursery this month but she seems ready for it now!

I love the flavours that you can get like Spaghetti bolognese, Cottage Pie and Vegetable Lasagne. She will be having Chicken Sunday lunch when we have ours later with her own Yorkshire pudding! Finger Foods scare me still so need to get more confident in giving these to her and also ensuring that Water is introduced at mealtimes. With this transition, we are also moving onto Stage 2 Hipp Organic Follow on Milk.

As you can see from her food diary, she has started to eat food that is more textured and filling but she hasn’t seemed to drop any of her bottles and even taking less milk so she is now eating and still has a litre of milk! According to the books I have read, they should drop naturally around the transition from stage 1 to 2 but I can’t see how. We have started to give her breakfast first and then her bottle and the 4th bottle of the day (around 16:30) we only plan to give her half and then dinner at 17:30 – 18:00 but she seems to be more hungry than ever! Let see how the next week goes as she will be a week 6 of weaning by the time she starts nursery so hopefully that will help set more of a routine 🤞🏻

If anyone can offer some advice – please contact me!


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