It has been the most stressful 48 hours ever and I have the upmost respect for those mums who do it by themselves! (In no way is that supposed to be patronising) I had spent so much time on my own while on maternity leave with Liberty but this time felt different! I can’t take a time out or have any back up when she started to become a handful! I had to rely on Pegga Pig to help me out! I couldn’t just say ‘Dave, can you watch her for a second’ I had to take her everywhere with me, to the point where she watched me in the shower and go to the loo! I even broke my rule as fell asleep on the sofa with Liberty due to tiredness! I slept terribly as I was scared I wouldn’t hear her if she cried.

Once she was in bed as then had to put the house back together and was too tired to watch anything or do anything and felt so antisocial! It was like I wanted to be on my own and miserable! I felt a bit lost. Like I said previously I have never been good in my own company! Don’t get me wrong, I really did enjoy the Mum and Daughter Time together, I just hate change and worried that I might get it wrong! There was another positive which was I got to take Liberty to her swimming lesson and go in with her. This was great as I don’t normally get chance to as Dave normally goes in! Finally Dave came home, I thought that I would just hand Liberty over and go to bed but no I felt like I needed to finish off the day and then let him take over (mainly if she wakes up at 4am). First weekend solo parenting ✅


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