Having received the list of things that we needed to sort out for nursery, it was overwhelming! On the list it included bottles, formula, nappies, suggested nappy cream (can’t have any that have but oil in them), soothers and spare clothes. It was recommended that there were at least 4 outfits in the changing bag for a day at nursery! I was like ‘ is this a joke?’ maximum I have changed her in any one day was only twice! I was thinking what an earth will she be doing! I was then reassured that it was due to some potential messy meal times, messy play or sick/nappy incidents! if only I could bill them for the additional laundry I would have to do, at least I don’t have to provide 20 outfits a week if she was full time! One of my favourite things about preparing was it was like packing your bag for your first day at school! I had to label everything and iron on her name tags to her clothes! #SoCute

I don’t know how to feel about it to be honest when I dropped liberty off for her first full day at nursery! Apparently I meant to feel some type of way after speaking to some other mums that have children at nursery! I’ve left liberty several times in the past with her grandparents and my best friends to look after her while I’ve had to go to work or appointments so it should be the same right?

Luckily for us our nursery had a baby club every week for an hour which was free to attend it also worked out to be a great trial to see whether liberty enjoyed it also we are very lucky that the person running the baby group would be Liberty’s nursery nurse! I always find comfort in the fact that she is only little and like I wrote on my previous post, she will grow up and not know any different! Regardless of whether I worked or not, I would still put her in nursery to grow those key social interaction skills and also do the messy play there as I have major OCD! I would literally cover the kitchen in plastic like in American Psycho if I could! I know I need to relax in relation to that! I am also happy that it will start to help me set a routine for mealtimes and finally introduces lunch to her this week so start to have 3 meals a day like a big girl! Like I have said in one of my weaning posts, I’m nervous about giving her finger foods so will help me grow some confidence when she tries at nursery.

Liberty is currently one of the youngest in her class at the moment and it is so lovely to see her looking at the older children, hopefully it will inspire her to want to develop her skills quicker and will be walking and talking before we know it 😜

After a long day at work, I was literally counting down the hours until I saw her! Finally it was time! I practically ran through the nursery doors and pressed my face up to the glass to see her! She was there playing on the rug with some silver circles and trying to put them in her mouth! As soon as I went in, she looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen and it melted my heart! She had had a great day according to her record book. This book is perfect for me as I have logged all her feeds, food, nappies, medication given and sleep times since the day she was born! She had managed to eat some vegetable pasta and peach for lunch and some avocado and melon for tea! Napping was one of my worries as she is a nightmare to get to sleep in the day! She did manage 2 40 minutes naps but she did fight it and kicked off beforehand (I did warn them about this)

Other all, she was more than happy there and even was grumpy when I took her away from the fun! I feel reassured now that we made a good choice with our nursery and know she is in the best hands!

Starting nursery ✅


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