Collected my first piece of Liberty artwork today from nursery! It’s perfect! I love it! #firstofmany

It’s funny that just the other day, I was talking to some mums about children’s artwork and here is my very first piece! It’s going straight up on the wall! This brings me to the question… what do you do with your children’s artwork? I was laughing at some of the things some mums do with their children’s drawings! One mum told me that she bins all hers as they are basically lines on paper (the child is 1 so I don’t know what kind of art she is expecting to receive) and another mum says that she slowly moves it around the house until it ends in the recycle bin! One mum even got one of her daughter’s pictures printed onto a canvas! I personally can’t even imagine binning anything that Liberty has made and pretty sure that I will have many scrapbooks of everything she has done which I will keep forever! #OneofThoseMums

Well we will see and I am yet to see how many I might actually get in the future! Knowing my luck, I will get one a week until she goes to secondary school 🤣

Liberty’s first artwork ✅


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