Liberty was taken ill from nursery yesterday with a high temperature which ended up going to GP out of hours at midnight last night as temperature went up to 39.7 They believe that she has an ear infection!

She was fine when we dropped her off at nursery! At lunchtime I saw a missed call from nursery and my heart sank! Apparently through the course of the morning she started to become withdrawn and practically glowing red! She had managed to eat and drink normally though but they wanted us to come and collect her. Obviously me being me, I went straight onto the forums and websites to get information and check her symptoms. As long as she didn’t have a rash, It would be okay. We monitored her through the course of the afternoon and evening, taking her temperature religiously and giving Calpol as and when we could. Also ensuring that she didn’t have too many clothes on! I was tempted to try fam her down or sponge her down but apparently you can’t do that as due to babies not been able to regulate their temperature, sudden changes from hot to cold wouldn’t help her at all! I was nervous to add ibuprofen as well as Calpol as Dave has is allergic to it! Yet anything that I’m scared about! She managed to go down at the normal time which was good. When she was due for her next dose of Calpol around 22:00, her temperature had skyrocketed to 39.7 degrees!

Following a call to NHS 111, they wanted us to go to the hospital to get her check her out! I knew that my OCD chart I have for Liberty where I write down all her food, milk, nappies etc would come to good use as have timings for everything! Once checked over, it was identified that she might have an ear infection but as it was only one ear that was a bit red, it was a case of monitoring her for the next 24 hours and not be given any antibiotics. The monitoring includes how much fluid she takes, if she eats, how many wet nappies and testing her temperature. They told us to keep giving her the Calpol and that it was okay to give her ibuprofen.

It was a long night and she woke up every 2 hours coughing and screaming! I felt so helpless! I could hardly pick her up due to the heat she was giving off! Luckily she seems to be okay this morning. We tested her temperature and it was 37.5 degree which was so much better plus she managed some strawberry and peach yoghurt and half a bottle which was yet another little win.

I have to go to work this morning which is hard not only because I have to leave her but I literally am so tired 😴 Jenny (Dave’s mum) is looking after her today which is good as she was a nurse so know she is in the best hands. She knows that I need her to write down every single ml of milk, spoonful of food, every nappy, every dose of medicine, every minute of sleep and temperature reading! Plus a couple of updates via picture message – I have never called when people are looking after Liberty and wait to hear from them if necessary) This is how I am managing to be away from her.



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