Having taken my new meds for 4 nights now, I’m not feeling in a great place. They weren’t wrong when they told me that they would make me drowsy! I feel more exhausted than ever! It could take up to 2 weeks to start working and slow me down properly but my body is tired by my head is still going a million miles an hour. As I mentioned in my previous post, I need to make plans to reduce the stress in my life. Due to having all this time where I get lost in my own head, I thought that I could make a plan which would make me happier in the long term. As they suggested that they need to sort out my work life balance, I am focusing on sort this out first. I submitted my flexible working request at work to reduce my days down to 4 days so I could spend an extra day with Liberty. Then for some reason I freaked out. Can I afford it? They is structure change happening at work at the moment and I’m scared that if I don’t work full time then I might miss out on future opportunities. (This is my own opinion and not the views of my employer). Would I be able to manage my workload properly with reduced hours? These just a few of my worries so I decided to put my request on hold until I have an idea of what’s going to happen and use holiday for days I want to spend with Liberty.

I sat the other morning giving Liberty her breakfast and trying the new Ella’s Kitchen Strawberry and Raspberry Porridge (to continue my obsession I have with this brand) which is going down well 🙌🏻. She has been up and down with the whole stage 2 weaning that I am literally trying every combination of everything possible to get her used to food. I will post her stage 2 weaning journey soon and as you will see, it’s been quite a journey. During one of my many night time Insta scrolls, I came across this profile called the ‘Honest Mum’. She is an award winning blogger, vlogger and author! I am literally obsessed with her! (I seemed to have used the word obsessed twice in this post so maybe the Doctors were right about being obsessive compulsive and come to think of it, I do have the word ‘obsession’ tattooed on my left arm 🤔) anyway I currently on Chapter 4 of ‘MUMBOSS’ by the Honest Mum and this chapter is all about building a business from your passions (anyone who hasn’t got this book yet – DO! Link is at the bottom of the post) Although I’m only half way through it, it’s brilliant! So far I have learnt about all about embracing motherhood, rebuilding confidence and not letting mum guilt win when returning to work). Thinking of my passions apart from my beautiful daughter, would be this blog! It celebrates 1st birthday tomorrow and I really do love writing it and it really helps with my therapy! It’s also great to how people have received it and so happy that it’s helped others! I want to keep it going and hopefully one day turn it into a business! Now on to planning how to do this and in what way. Obviously it’s going to take time and expect it to be challenge but my enthusiasm is there so on to a good start. #OneStepAtATime


MUMBOSS book link:


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