So I can add Generalised Anxiety Disorder to Bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder! yet another label of mental health conditions to add! Just because it has a label doesn’t make it any easier to deal with!

This picture is a true representation of my current mood as demonstrated by my lovely tulips!

After all the stress that’s going on in my life, visiting the doctor trying to work out whether I actually do have Generalised Anxiety Disorder or I’m just unsettled. I literally feel so deflated! I have been signed off work for a week and they need to check my meds following on from another blood test. I going to try and use this time to take care of myself and see if I can try find some relief of the pressures I put on myself in my head. Liberty will be at nursery or being babysat by her grandparents so I can literally have the time to myself! I have booked to go to the Turkish Baths in Harogate which is notorious for helping people to relax so let’s see if it can help me! I hate not being at work as to be honest feel like it or make my anxiety worse as not being there means not knowing what’s going on! Then I have the guilt of letting people down! But I have to agree with the doctors and my care team who are are you doing what’s best for me! #StillNoLightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel


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