So Yesterday on a day where I have no Liberty as she is at nursery and I’m not going to work due to having to take some time off to recuperate. I could take Liberty out of nursery but it’s unfair disrupt her routine. I need to listen to my care team and take the time to get myself together as I need to start looking after myself. As you have read in my previous posts, I’m not well at the moment and need to try and get better. (I hate being told what to do but they are right, Liberty needs me well so I’m doing this for her).

I decided to use this day and try and do something for ‘me’. I have got some vouchers for the Turkish Baths in Harrogate so not try it out solo. I messaged of Facebook to check if my vouchers were still valid and whether they had last minute availability for today and someone called me back. Unfortunately the baths were full today but the amazing woman on the phone (Sarah) made it possible for my to visit! What a great start! 🙌🏻 obviously it was meant to be. I’m a great believer in fate! I have only ever been a handful of times normally for hen party day events where I usually hungover. We are lucky to have this on our doorstep so I’m going to put it to the test properly and see if I can feel the benefits! According to the website, I should prepare myself for the relaxation experience of a lifetime! Following a journey of heating, cooling and cleansing which promotes a sense of relaxation and a clear mind. This is exactly what I need to start my recover process.

The journey consists of relaxing the relaxation room to start with to get the body used to warmth of the baths. Following that, you go into the steam room to ease up tension in the muscles and open pores. Next up is the serious of heated chambers ranging for warm, hot and hottest. It starts to heat your body to prepare for next chamber. Then allows the warmth to continue in the hot room for the therapeutic effect of your musculature. Finally in the hottest room, your body will be purified and detoxed by opening pores and stimulates circulation. To finish off, the plunge pool! This is a cold water pool which changes the body’s temperature to improve circulation and flush out toxins! It’s recommended that you go back into the relaxation room where you started for at least 30mins to cool down. The whole process is about 2 hours.

(This is the explanation for the website, there was no way I would have explained it properly unless you wanted it starting from the middle then jumping to the end then back to the beginning, then back to the middle and add it some random fact and then the ending 🤣)

Verdict …

I took my MUMBOSS book with me as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sit still without anything to do! It helped me stay in the different rooms for the right amount of time due to focusing on the book. I did the steam room and then the 3 chambers and then went into the plunge pool. (I had to go in graceful as the place was busy and I couldn’t swear but I was screaming on the inside). I repeated the process twice and then finished off in the relaxation room.

I felt great even slightly tipsy due to the constant changes of temperature in my body! I felt a wave of peace which was the desired outcome!

I will definitely go again and aim to do it at least once a month for some time to myself and regain focus! Well I have actually booked to go again in 2 weeks!

For more information and to book, follow the link below:



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