While doing one of my many nightly scrolls through my Facebook newsfeed, I spotted this picture! I want to have a life as free as this! She is not having fear of going to work, dealing with the same shit, listening to people bitch and moan! She isn’t worrying about trivial things or stressing about her bills! She is content!

I’m experiencing anxiety about the future as I’m still learning to adjust into motherhood as it’s all so different and have lost focus! Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I using this forced time off to really recuperate and really work out how I can have the life I want! I still want to work and have a good career but want to be able to work around where the drop offs and pick ups! My flexible working request had this plan but it comes at a financial cost.

This made me think about what my dream career would be for me. Something that had always been in my head and that dream is to be a blogger. It would ideally be my main source of income by either reviewing, advertising things I believe in or paid for my opinion on certain topics relating to motherhood or mental health or a mixture of both. In the previous post about turning my blog into a business, ‘MUMBOSS’ is really helping me gain a perspective of what to do to get to my dream! I need to believe I can and then I will #RemainOptimistic

I can then pick my hours and can blog anyway, any time of the day or night from anywhere. I would be able to spend more time with my daughter travelling places, trying new things and experiences! I even joked about setting up a ‘go fund me’ crowdfunding page so people can donate for me to be a stay at home mum in the meantime! If only!



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