Anxiety is at an all time high today! I’m stressing about the Christening tomorrow! You know me, I’m a control freak and have planned this event to an inch of its life from customise made cake toppers and Balloon Centrepieces to personalised gifts and having a replacement dress or Liberty (just in case) I just want it to be perfect! I have dealt with crushed cupcakes, deflating balloons, bailing guests and shoe dramas (both mine and Liberty’s) but I still have this fear that something is going to go wrong! I’m worried about whether the people I invited as going to show? whether there will be enough food? will people enjoy the day? Will Liberty be okay not following her routine of naps and mealtimes? The usual stresses that any normal person would have I guess. But for me, it’s crippling me! I have always being one who loves to be centre of attention but I just want to hid away. I need to get it together and have a word with myself! It will be okay (at least I will keep telling myself that). I will put on my dress and do my hair and makeup and look my best and plaster on that smile! I’m doing this for Liberty and I WILL NOT LET HER DOWN!



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