Yesterday our beautiful daughter Liberty Raven was christened and it was a brilliant day! It was stressful due to things not going right as I mentioned in my previous post which felt worse as my anxiety was at an all time high! Then a couple more dramas to add as the venue wasn’t set when we came to sort the decorations and Liberty banged her head as she rolled off the bed when I was trying to change her! I saw it happen but she was too fast for me to be able to catch her but it’s like I watched it in slow motion (if you know what I mean) Due to this I didn’t let her nap incase she has concussion it was a good height she fell so best to be on the safe side. This was the first time she had properly banged her head so I felt terrible and extremely worried. No sleep resulted in a very overtired baby and she kicked off several times during the service. I nearly had a meltdown due to her not settling and the only thing that would settle her was allowing her to eat the order of service but it was all good in the end.

We are overwhelmed the love and generosity from our family and friends who came to Liberty’s christening! She got truly spoilt with gifts, money for her savings account and gift vouchers. I will be putting one of the vouchers to good use tomorrow and buy her her first musical instrument set. She is obsessed with instruments at nursery so it would be ideal if she had her own set.

Liberty stayed with Gran last night so mum and parents could have a night off. We had some friends round for drinks then had a power ballads sing-off in the living room which I’m sure the neighbours loved. I think I drank my body weight in prosecco!

We are incredibly grateful that we have some amazing family and friends. We feel very lucky! I can’t wait to get the professional photos back and share them all with you!


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