I had the opportunity again yesterday to go to the Everyman Cinema Baby Club To watch the Hustle which was one of my favourite things to do while on Maternity Leave.

I have never been a massive film fan and needed something to fill my time especially on a Tuesday as the majority of Liberty’s classes and mum and baby groups were on Thursday and Fridays. I was invited by a friend to go see Bohemian Rhapsody at the cinema so thought I would go and see what the baby Club was all about as never imagined what it was like going to the cinema with a baby as would be scared it would too loud and what would I do if Liberty started to kick off.

The Baby Club Is available for mums (or dads) with babies under one. The films take place in the morning and held in a smaller screen which is more comfortable and They wouldn’t allow the screen to be fully booked which enabled parents and babies to have a full sofa each. The film was shown with dimmed lights instead of full blackout and the sound was lower. As been full of babies, no one battered an eyelid when the babies started to cry which was great. tickets were cheaper than the normal priced ones at £11.50 instead of £14 and the added bonus was that you got a coffee and cake as part of the ticket. the staff are so nice and even deliver your drink and cake to your seat as we only have one pair of hands 🤣.

I became obsessed after this and started to go every week. I watch the Grinch, the nutcracker, Aquaman, fantastic beasts and Mary Poppins to name just a few. There was a point where I’d actually watched six out of the nine films that was on the cinema listings for that week.

I will definitely be going again to watch Aladdin and Toy Story 4 if I get chance. I cant recommend it enough even if you are not a film fan it’s a good excuse if you just need to get out of the house.

There normally take place on Tuesdays and Thursday depending what’s on. You can book online or go in directly.



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