Sorry I have been MIA recently! I’m still off work with my anxiety and been hit with some hard news that due to a corporate restructure, my post could be disestablished 😩 it literally has hit me like a Sledgehammer! Just when I thought I was finally getting better arghhhhhhh!

Liberty is doing great and has her own little personality now and doesn’t seem to be a baby anymore! Time is going too fast and can’t believe that she will be 9 months next week!

Hit another motherhood milestone last week and I felt my first experience of my baby is better than yours! It was like when you were at school they was always that one person who had done or got it better!

In Mum world there are the mums that boast that their babies and better and I got pouch shamed! Apparently I was asked when I was going to give my daughter proper food ?! Just because it’s in a pouch and I haven’t made it myself. I could squeeze the pouch into a glass jar or pot and claim I made it but I won’t lower myself to try and prove myself. She is still in stage 2 weaning and has to have most meals in blended form therefore it doesn’t mean it’s not proper food. The pouches come in a vast range of tastes which means I can try her with lots of different ones, Yesterday she has roast chicken dinner and fish pie. I really don’t have the time to batch cook and feel better than the pouches contain all the ingredients of a healthy meal for my growing girl.

I personally don’t think giving my 8 month old a cheeseburger and a Magnum is a decent meal and I certainly don’t feel comfortable giving Liberty a tuna and cheese panini with a chocolate muffin! She does have as finger foods such as sandwiches, vegetables and fruit sticks and a mini roast when we have one and nursery are helping me with weaning so she can become more confident eating meals that are no longer blended by in small pieces.

Why do we constantly had to deal with shaming! They should know that every baby is different. For example Liberty has two bottom teeth now whereas my friends daughter has just got hers at 12 months! It really did bother me especially since I don’t keep a record of every feed and food intake anymore as become obsessed. It bothered me so badly that I went straight to the health visitor to get her weighed to check she was okay with what I was feeding her. She has started to drop her midday bottle and only took about 100ml now and only takes about 260ml morning and night. I needed to make sure that she was gaining weight healthy. The outcome was great! Liberty is 17 lb 15 oz and she sits perfectly on the 50th centile. #winning

It also helped with next steps for her starting with to brushing her teeth. I’ve got all the things in the cupboard in the bathroom ready before she was even born! You know me, I always like to plan ahead. So we can started that night incorporating it within bath time. It’s pretty normal that she starting to drop her bottles but need to offer her a couple of healthy snacks during the day. She praised me for doing a good job that I actually started crying!

Due to her teething, she has started to get really bad nappy rash. She has never had it before and first time was awful 😩 Following on from my google search and forum checks, I ventured to the pharmacy and they advised me to use some medicated cream called Metanium nappy rash ointment. Also if it didn’t clear up then trip to the GP for some stronger cream. Fingers crossed it works and will let you know how we get on.

I got to go back to the Turkish Baths again this week and relax plus I was invited to a bloggers event. The event consisted of being a pretend guest for a fake wedding which was for a wedding promo video for the new Doubletree Hilton Hotel called the Majestic in Harrogate. Dave and I used to work there a few years ago and was great to go back and see the amazing change to the hotel. It literally felt like a really wedding! From Prosecco and canapés on arrival and taking part in the ceremony to watching the first dance, toasting the bride and groom and fun in the photo booth! It was a great night!

Mama has a weekend off this weekend and I’m going to live a childhood dream and going to see the Spice Girls and then on Sunday going for dinner and chill in the spa at Rudding Park! I CANNOT WAIT!


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