We are looking into planning our first family holiday and thinking of going to New York (go visit her namesake) but already stumbled at the first huddle, Liberty doesn’t have a passport yet! On to the mission to sort this ASAP. We are going to do it manually with the paper copy as I need to have the paper in front of me! First step – Get passport pictures taken. Luckily it one of the local photo shops took it for us to ensure that the photo standards were met. They even cut 2 out for us the relevant size! I had to hold her up for literally 5 seconds and it was quick and easy.

Here they are! She looks like Phil Mitchell’s love Child!

Next step – fill the form out, get one of her pictures signed! Luckily I have a friend who is a police officer or one of the Directors at Dave’s work can countersign the form for us. Ensure that a copy of her birth certificate is enclosed and then get the Post Office to check and then send. Total cost = £58.50 for the passport and £9.75 for check and send.

Sounds so simple right! We’ll see 🤞🏻


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