I don’t know why I feel so unsettled and anxious still! I managed to get my driving license which is what I’ve always wanted but then I doubt myself and feel nervous when driving plus my parking is rubbish! I know practice makes perfect! I think that because I was putting so much energy and effort into my driving I sort of didn’t give my work situation a second thought but now it’s at the forefront of my mind! I’ve been looking for jobs and nothing seems to be a suitable alternative for me. Like I’ve said ages ago even before I even knew that I was going to be made redundant that I wanted to get a job in Harogate but need the ability to work flexibly. In an ideal world I’d love to work from home and like I’ve previously written on this blog maybe turning this blog into a business but that takes a lot of time and effort. They are things that I just can’t give at the moment. I have been looking into the possibility of setting up a virtual PA business which is where my skill sets lie. Going to do some work to look into that but at the moment I need to find a job to pay my bills and support my family! I’m scared about what the future holds!


One thought on “I’m scared what the future holds

  1. I hope you manage to find a job that suits you soon. It’s so hard out there right now but the access to work scheme from the government can assist you getting reasonable adjustments such as flexibility that you need. I’ve worked with them as I was struggling in my job and I can’t express how much they’ve helped me stay in work with mental illness. Try not to be scared so long as you keep trying, something will come along 🙂


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