Time to sort myself out! (I literally say that everyday!) Like I said previously this month is a bittersweet month and have been dreading parts of it! So hear is a brief update. So far I decided to have a new haircut and cut back in my fringe! You like….?

I finally took my DVLA medical and waiting for the results. My queen had her 1st birthday celebrations which was a success after months of planning and top off the second week in September, Liberty had to be admitted to hospital with Cellulitis! Crazy how trapping her hand in a book could have led to possible sepsis! (I will post the whole story about that shortly).

You really can’t make this stuff up and it’s only half way through this month!!!

Job search isn’t going great and my redundancy date is coming so quickly! All this stress isn’t good for my health and have been signed off for another 2 weeks which will only allow me to hand over in a week! Hopefully things will pick up and have a day on Tuesday which will be search high and low for a job that can work for me and my family as they are the most important thing in the world! At least I managed to put the lottery on tonight 🤞🏻


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