Today Liberty finally had her 1 year old health visitor Check and I am so proud to say that she is bang on the 50th Centile for weight and height! This is such a relief especially with her weight As since she hurt her hand and being poorly, she has had become a very fussy eater and completely knocked her routine out. As well as hindered her development. Due to hurting her hand, it has affected her ability to pull herself up to get to the point of cruising around furniture as she not wanting to put any pressure on her hand. This video is from Little gym on Saturday where she has started to become confident with standing and walking but a long way off doing it without support.

There is a plus side following her accident and that is she’s become an excellent communicator by making sounds and pointing at things that she wants that she is unable to get and understands what we talk to her about. She was laughing dancing and chatting with the health visitor today and like I said I couldn’t be any more prouder of her! it really was the best thing to happen during this difficult time for me as it shows that I’m doing a good job with this whole mum thing and got it all right! I’m not going to lie, it’s certainly been a challenge!


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