Sorry for the radio silent on here for the last month! It’s been crazy what with the new job, adjusting to the change and our amazing trip to New York last week! I will definitely bee posting all about that and how to travel with a 1 year old in the next week and promise not to leave it so long!

Following on from a major holiday come down coming home from New York! It is definitely true what they say that putting your Christmas tree up can make you happy! Added my new baubles from Macy’s and office they had to get one for Liberty! I literally had a feeling of overwhelming happiness doing it with G and T and Christmas music channel on it the background for additional pleasure! Just need an extension lead to add so I can put another set of lights on and Do the rest of the house! This tree is definitely going to get pulled down tomorrow morning! 32 days to go! 🎄🎅🏻


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