2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ Been a crazy year as always!

As the top 9 shows some of the great memories! Liberty’s christening, 1st birthday and trip to New York! Had a difficult year with redundancy and career changes and Liberty having to go to hospital following trapping her hand in a book! Managed to pass my driving test and watched some close friends get married and welcome to the world the beautiful babies!

It’s been a while since I updated you all on my life and December was just a manic! Following on from the recent bad patch I had and made a decision to quit my job at the nursery as I wasn’t ready to go straight back into 40+ hours a week job which was physically and mentally demanding! I felt like my work life balance wasn’t good at all as couldn’t manage my time properly and the dramatic reduction on time I had with Liberty was having a huge impact on my health! I am in the process of securing a new job back to what I know but still wanting to continue my dream working with children and will continue with my studies!

Christmas was lovely with my family but it’s been a rough few days since Liberty become poorly on Christmas Eve and had a crazy 41.2 temperature resulting in an A&E admission. We thought that she was on the way up but over the weekend she stopped eating properly and hardly drunk and then got a rash! There is me on the online forums and websites at 3am checking all the symptoms for Scarlet Fever to meningitis! She ended up in hospital yesterday as was becoming so dehydrated 😩 thankfully all the tests were clear!

This picture was taken when she got some strength back and waiting to go exploring! It’s just so scary when they aren’t themselves and you have that feeling that something is terribly wrong!

New year tonight was a quiet night in all tucked up in bed watching films! #InBedFor10


For this year I will be refocusing to remain positive as going to start looking after myself moving forward and makes some lifestyle changes and really have a fresh start!

It will be filled with more weddings and babies (not mine) a new job and hopefully own our own home 🏠🔑 plus we have booked our next family holiday to …. drum roll please 🥁 ….Dubai! Back to the Atlantis! It will blow Liberty’s mind! I cannot wait! #159daystogo

First job – secure a new job 🤞🏻

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