This filter is a perfect representation of her current personality #diva 💁🏻‍♀️ she is doing so well! She has managed to take a few independent steps over the last month and getting more confident everyday! She has 12 teeth and her speech is getting so much better! She had a rough month and due to being poorly, her sleep routine is totally out of sync and wants to stay close to us so will fall asleep in our bed before having to lift and shift to her cot but as I’m sure most parents have experienced, this is a skill as one false move and they wake and then it’s back to the start! 😩 can take a couple of hours! We have moved her bedtime back an hour to start bad, book, milk and bed at 7.30pm now and it’s starting to improve! She still will wake at 1am and want a cuddle but slowly does it!


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