This photo makes me laugh as she looks like Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future! 🤣What a crazy month it’s been! As you’ve seen on my Insta she can finally walk! After months of praying for her to walk now she’s off and it’s a bloody nightmare! 🤣 She has gone up a shoe size to 4F which has given me an excuse to buy her more shoes! (She needs them obviously) and as you all know she’s an absolute demon when it comes to sleeping! I am one tired mum! Luckily I have had some great support from other mums and trying all the suggestions and hopefully something will work! Her speech has got so much better and yesterday she greeted me from nursery saying mummy properly for the first time and ran towards me! This is a major milestone for me and I’ve been praying for this moment for such a long time! I don’t think I could live her any more than I do already! She is the best thing in the world!


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