Following on from a very stressful day on Friday, today things are finally looking up! The boiler has been fitted and actually heating the house and water after one of the coldest weekends ever! Just need to sort the top floor radiators but manageable! Was living my best life earlier by having a hit bubble bath!

Car is booked in to get fixed tomorrow! Liberty managed to sleep until 5:30am this morning which was amazing! First time in weeks and I got health clearance for my new job and can start on Monday (not saying what it is yet until I have my contract in hand which will make it real) As I have mentioned previously being off work and being bored is finally coming to an end! Part of me is slightly gutted as I was quite happy being a lady of leisure at times! Also to top it off, we have started to get Hello Fresh boxes to help with our diet and cooking and so far so good! Made Meatballs with onion and bacon gravy and cheesy mash! #Dreamy

Finally my positive thinking is paying off and feeling like I’m getting to a good place!


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