Feeling really anxiety at the moment with mum guilt! I know I have to work but I miss her more than ever! Before while I was off she still had all of her childcare arrangements in place for 4 days a week to ensure she still had her routine and so I could get used to not being with her! But what made that earlier was I knew I could literally go get her at any point but I have now being restricted! It’s an odd feeling! I know I need to chill out and know that she still knows that I’m her mum! I think that’s why I’m not focusing on her sleeping through the night at the moment as I need her and when she does wake up she wants me and I love the cuddles! It makes me what to ensure that when I do have my day off with her, that I make it the best ever and fun filled to create the best memories

Luckily I have found some help with Vicki Psarias’ book called ‘Mum Boss’. I have previously looked at this book before when I was trying to figure out what to do with my new life as a mum and my adjustment to motherhood! Here’s to chapter 5!


2 thoughts on “MUM GUILT IS REAL 😩

  1. Mum guilt certainly ate me up. I work full time because i have to, mortgage, bills extra…You are definitely not alone in feeling the way you do, sometimes i think i need my son more then he needs me 🙈 . Non of us would work if we didn’t really have to, so you know you’re doing the right thing by your child. X


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