Thursday are my new favourite day as I get to spend the day with my baby! It really was the best idea going back to work for only 4 days as helps with my anxiety about missing Liberty and I’m back to earning my own money again! #Winning I think it works better to have Thursday off as really does cut the week down and only have to go back for one day before it’s the weekend! An added bonus is that it I book Friday off, I have a 4 day weekend! I just don’t want to try and fill her day too much as she already does so much during the week at nursery and with Gran and also Little Gym and Swimming! Sometimes it’s nice to just lie in bed and cuddle! But on the other hand I want to do all the fun stuff with her! It’s weird as I would hate to think that’s she bored with me! (Yet another worry to add onto the stress😩)

Today we had a fun packed day from going to her favourite baby class Hartbeeps, then to Valley Gardens and tea at Pizza Express! All goo apart from when she decided to have a wee on the bathroom floor before her bath and then slip in it and bang her head! 🤣

I literally love her so much! It’s a special day tomorrow too! You will have to wait and see ♥️

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