With all of this going on, you have the additional stress of worrying that your toddler will have enough to do and to play with during the whole lockdown situation. we have taken the decision to take her out of nursery due to trying to eliminate her exposure as I have to go to work as Dave has an underlying health issue! I have created a list upon list of activities for her to do from baby yoga, creating a home corner to arts and crafts but as anyone who has a toddler would know that their attention span is very short so you can get through a number of activities in the space of an hour and then it’s back to watching Peppa Pig or Hey Duggee on the TV! Then the guilt hits! Makes you feel like a bad parent that you’re letting them watch TV also not allowing her to play with the other children which she has been used to since she was 6 months old! I know that deep down this won’t be detrimental to her growing up but can’t help be stress about it! We try to make the most of the one allocated exercise slot that were allowed a day by taking her to the woods for a run around or going for a walk round the block! It’s times like this I wished I had a garden for her to play in! Does anyone else experience this sort of guilt?

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