My MacBook and phone are my lifelines more than ever during this current situation! Well obviously all my plans for the last month had gone out the window due the coronavirus pandemic! What an insane month! Started so well celebrating Liberty turning 18 months and My sister-in-laws 30th and then it all started to change with new rules to help control the spread and ended up spending Mother’s Day in the house and then into full lockdown for the pass 1 1/2 weeks! It feels like everyday is Easter Sunday as nothing is open! It’s made me realise what I used to take for granted and understand the levels that are necessary to remain safe to protect your family! I have shared and will continue to share my journey through this on my Instagram and my blog as for me, writing is my coping mechanism! I literally have no idea what this month will be like but know that I will be spending most of the time working from home! Doing the online version of Liberty’s classes from Little Gym to Hartbeeps, play dates via FaceTime and copious amounts of video chats with the girls! I am going to try get back into running on my one exercise outing we are allowed(I know I have did that a million times before but this time it’s different as I am literally getting fatter everyday) fingers crossed that we are all going to be okay and the light will be there soon!!

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