We made the decision to put Liberty back in nursery with the key worker place we had reserved this week after removing her 3 weeks ago! The reasons behind taking her out was that I was worried about her exposure and the fact my husband has a condition that makes him high risk. Over the last three weeks we haven’t heard anything from the nursery that there has been any confirmed cases especially as the children that attend are part of key worker families . So we put her back in! I know some of you wouldn’t agree with our decision but we are doing what’s right for us and to be honest seeing her little face and how happy she was to be back there playing with other kids made me think that we’ve made the right decision! It’s been very difficult trying to entertain her as she’s probably seen from my previous posts and worries that she is getting bored but to help with my anxiety I feel I need to put her back into a routine as soon as possible as to be honest all she’s ever known is Going to Nursery at least twice a week since she was six months old. Plus it helps with my separation anxiety as I’m getting too used to having her around now and would really struggle mentally when everything goes back to normal so doing little steps at a time! It’s also a godsend as trying to work from home with a toddler it’s very challenging! Plus I keep a watchful eye on daddy daycare and often feels the need to intervene so it’s definitely going to help our relationship!

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