After going back and forth with Emirates holidays trying to sort out our cancelled holiday from June to then be informed that the FCO have marked Dubai as an unsafe city and cancelled all flights out there up until the 20th of September which means no holiday for us as was due to go on 15th September! what an absolute stressful nightmare it has been! We had to change accommodation due to flight times emailing back and forth with the hotel, reschedule bookings, Having to pay for private coronavirus tests and then having to quarantine when we get back! Liberty was supposed to be starting her preschool and then wouldn’t be able to go until the 10th of October which meant none of her classes she could attend and losing out on lots of money! 🤯 Luckily we are going to take advantage of a UK staycation with the time off we have booked and to go to Center Parc which is somewhere I’ve always loved to go as a child! A nice family break is definitely what we need and breathe…..


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