What a crazy year! What with the global pandemic still very much here, it’s still hard to adapt to the change, with lockdown after lockdown but we have made the best of it! Being a key worker, it still feels fairly normal for us as I still go to work as does my husband and Liberty still goes to Preschool! As you have previously read, we have been hit with so serious health issues (not covid related ), experienced so many cancelled plans like everyone but it’s still hard not to be disappointed but we have got through it.

I’m sorry that I have neglected this blog over the last 3 months! I don’t know why I have as this blog has helped me so much over the last 2 1/2years as a safe place to air my feelings, concerns and thoughts 💭

So what you have missed over the last few months was:

♥️ Family trip to Centerparcs (my new happy place)

♥️ Started a new business with FM World selling fragrances which is doing really well

♥️ Got 4K followers on Instagram (mainly parents which have helped me with all things from potty training, sleeping issues to toddler tantrums and product recommendations)

♥️ Celebrated my Husband’s 40th lockdown birthday

♥️ Celebrating a family Christmas which was different but fun

♥️ Celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary

2021 will be great year as much as it can be! Continue to keep my relationships stronger via group chats, social distancing walks and doorstep visits! Going to go sober for January to give my body a rest as I have drank far too much in 2020 and going to get back on my fitness game with a 6 week fitness programme! (Standard New Years resolutions 🤣) Hopefully we can go back to Dubai this year and a first positive is that I start my new role at work on Monday 🙌🏻

Cheers to 2021! Hope all your dreams and wishes come to reality! ♥️

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