Happy Easter lovely Followers 🐣

One of my favourite day as it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast and then have a massive Sunday roast! Also it’s a day where I can share it with Liberty and continue the traditions and get her her own selection of Easter gifts and an outfit! Starting the day with some Bunny shaped crumpets … Continue reading Happy Easter lovely Followers 🐣


Peppa Pig in the Making ☔️

Next mission for Liberty is trying get her used to her wellies! She has always been funny when wearing boots and they restrict her movement around her ankles and literally has a meltdown and pulls them off! Luckily Peppa Pig helps with her understanding for what you can do in them! #muddypuddles #wellies #puddlejumping #peppapig

Liberty’s First Shoes ✅

Today we hit another milestone! Liberty got her first shoes! I know that she is only crawling and it’s not essential but felt like the right time! Obviously had to go to Clark’s for the first ones and document it! Had to match mummy’s obsession with shoes, we bought 3 pairs of the same style … Continue reading Liberty’s First Shoes ✅

Finally Found Liberty’s Christening Dress 🙌

Finally found the perfect replacement for Liberty’s Christening Dress in Monsoon and even in the sale! It looks very similar to my wedding dress! I was going to make from my wedding dress but they needed the entire train of my dress to make it! I want to keep my dress as hopefully Liberty would … Continue reading Finally Found Liberty’s Christening Dress 🙌