Please stop hiding and let me see more of you – 4D baby scan round 2

With Liberty being naughty on Monday when we had a scan in London, Ultrasound Direct allowed us to have a rescan for free even though I am classed as too far along! Went to their York clinic today and they tried so hard to get some more pictures but she is still being naughty! #likemotherlikedaughter managed to get another picture, see her yawn and see that she doesn’t just suck her thumb, she puts her whole hand in her mouth!! God I love her! #hellodaughter



Hello Liberty! Thank you for showing us just the smallest part of your face on the 4D scan! That is enough for me until I can see you properly in 6 weeks (ish) You are just perfect! I love you so much already, my future best friend and best thing that has ever happened to me! #libertyravenhughes


Don’t be afraid to call the Maternity Assessment Clinic if you have any problems!

Naughty Liberty! Treating my insides like a pinball machine and kicking me in the back constantly for 4 hours! She literally would not stop moving (like her mother when she is trying to watch a film) Don’t worry I’m okay! Needed to be on the heart monitor machine for an hour as she wouldn’t stay still enough to get a consistent reading! Thank god for the amazing people at the Maternity Assessment Clinic for monitoring Liberty to ensure she is okay! So worried to call the clinic in case I was panicking for no reason but that is what the service is there for! So if in doubt, call!!! Here’s to more physio and stronger painkillers! 🤰🏻🤕🥊 #pregnancyproblems🖤

Is that Liberty moving or just muscle pain? Baby movements in Pregnancy

Feeling Liberty move is one of the most exciting things I am looking forward to! It symbolises that THERE IS ACTUALLY a life is developing within me. Obviously seeing or hearing her isn’t enough, I need more!!

Most women feel the first movement of their baby, known as quickening, between weeks 16 and 24 and fetal movement during pregnancy is one of main things that can drive women crazy with questions and doubts. Mine being: when do I start to feel it? Is that her or just muscle pain? Is she okay because I haven’t felt her yet? Is it because my placenta is front facing (anterior placenta)? I am currently 23 weeks and confused with what I am feeling so panicking a little.

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