Back to work for half a day to help with my anxiety! People think I am crazy but to me I need to get back into it so I can realise that they can cope without me and help curb that fear of missing out! I am looking forward to it but I’m sure that will change within 10mins! 🤣 Gutted that I can’t guarantee a seat anymore as have no bump! #missmybump

WE HAVE A COMPLETE PLAN: The missing pieces to the mental health birth plan have been finalised (only taken 4 months) – Aftercare and Breastfeeding Plans

Following on from creating my Visual Birth Plan, you may have noticed that there were two plans which needed to be referred to separately, these being:

  1. Special Requirements – After birth care plan
  2. Breastfeeding Plan

After the Perinatal mental health meeting, it was noted that a plan needed to be created for my aftercare once Liberty is here to ensure that if I am showing any signs of either postnatal depression or postpartum psychosis, then I can get the support I need quickly.  Also a plan would need to be created if I was to breastfeed following on from further research relating to the whole lamotrigine in breastmilk situation where I am able to still take my medication and how much transfer into my milk  is kept to a minimum.

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Happy ‘full term’ day – 37 weeks today!

Happy 37 weeks! Classed as ‘full term’ so Lib is safe to come out at anytime! How about now please Liberty 🙏 I just CAN’T WAIT to meet you! My baby girl! #futurebestfriend

21 days until due date ! So feet up with living in a dressing gown, drinking tea and watching morning TV and taking advantage of this time now ! Happy maternity leave!


#SkoolsoutforSummer! Maternity Leave starts now!

I am feeling such a wide variety of emotion! I have now finished work for maternity leave! It has been a stressful day with network issues, cancelled trains and my system crashing 10 minutes before I am supposed to leave #standard ! 4 weeks until Liberty is due so let the nesting commence and when I can crack open my Prosecco! I am so thankful to all everyone at work for your kind gifts, messages and support and can’t wait for her to meet her extended family! 🤰🏻➡️🤱🏻


Obviously it will be a like a 6 month holiday – Maternity Leave Planning has commenced

So my maternity leave starts in approx 23 days and I am starting to nest! The house is spotless, new furniture, plants and interiors have been purchased to make the house a home! I am going on Maternity in week 36 as need to learn to take it easy and try relax before Liberty arrives! First couple of purchases part of my maternity leave planning are The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill and Burnout Paradise Remastered for the xBox One! Channelling my inner geek! #23daystogo


It’s my birthday and I will cry if I want to!

And I probably will as I will be really emotional!

So hello July! How did we get here already ?! What an exciting month this is going to be! First things things it’s my birthday month! Baby moon booked for London, my baby shower and I finish work on 27th for Maternity 😱!I got surprised with the best gift ever as My husband told me that he has booked me in for a 4D scan on my actual birthday! I GET TO SEE MY DAUGHTER! Nothing can beat that 🙌🤰🏻😁 #queensareborninjuly