Times up Liberty! – My Labour Story – PART ONE


Finally I am at the point where I was able to write and relive my labour experience. It wasn’t what you would have classed as ‘bad’ as I didn’t have to have an emergency C section, lose blood, Liberty wasn’t in danger but to me it was horrific. I say that as I am traumatised by the pain I experienced during it to the point that I would honestly say that I would be scared to have another.

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WEEK 41 – Eviction Notice Issued for 07.09.18

week 41

OFFICIALLY 7 DAYS OVERDUE! I never thought that I would have to wait this long to meet her! I am trying to hold it together and thank everyone for their love, support and encouragement to help and distract me from stressing! So far I have had 2 failed sweeps over the last week and I tried all the methods to get her moving (and I mean all of them) but to no avail. I have the final sweep this afternoon and 🙏🙏 she will come soon! But if not she will be evicted on Friday following the public vote! #votefixing 🗳 I just want to hold her and see her face!


Are you prepared? Physically ✅ Medically ✅ Mentally – ❌ – Overcoming my Fear and Mental Blocks – Open Letter to Liberty

Dear L

As you have seen, I have prepared everything from Liberty’s nursery to my visual birth plan, met with my care team several million times to prepare myself medically and packed my bags ready for labour. With all this, you could say that I was ready! That couldn’t be any further from the truth! I am so unprepared mentally. You hear many stories that fear and mental blocks can physically stop something from happening , this can apparently be the same with labour. Once you have spoken out loud and released the negative thoughts and fear and let them go, things start to happen.  With 5 days to go, I need to learn to let go and become mentally prepared.

Back to the Birth Bible (Milli’s book) there is a section about overcoming fears and mental blocks so I have decided to review the list of ideas (Page 142) and chosen to write a letter to Liberty. This letter will explain how I feel about the birth and how I feel about her. I know this letter won’t be easy to write but will be an honest open letter of all the feelings I have addressed to my daughter. So here goes…

Dear Liberty

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The scariest packing that I have ever done – What to pack in your hospital bag


With 2 weeks to go before Liberty is due to arrive, I have finally packed my hospital bag! (This meaning I have put things in the bag as I had already prepared it weeks ago #superorganised😊). I had read so many different sites, blogs and forums about what to pack and decided I would use a mixture of Baby Centre’s, Milli’s (from the Positive Birth Book) and the one I was provided from the Hospital.

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Happy ‘full term’ day – 37 weeks today!

Happy 37 weeks! Classed as ‘full term’ so Lib is safe to come out at anytime! How about now please Liberty 🙏 I just CAN’T WAIT to meet you! My baby girl! #futurebestfriend

21 days until due date ! So feet up with living in a dressing gown, drinking tea and watching morning TV and taking advantage of this time now ! Happy maternity leave!



The baby shower was amazing yesterday! I am so thankful to have some amazing friends! The request for books for Liberty to create a library for her was a success! Asked people to bring a book which reminded them of their childhood or ones that taught important lessons and so happy with the selection n! I just need to add my additions of ‘Funnybones’ and ‘The Magic Key’ and Dave’s addition of the ‘Manchester United Annual 2018-19’ 👶🏻💦📚

Please stop hiding and let me see more of you – 4D baby scan round 2

With Liberty being naughty on Monday when we had a scan in London, Ultrasound Direct allowed us to have a rescan for free even though I am classed as too far along! Went to their York clinic today and they tried so hard to get some more pictures but she is still being naughty! #likemotherlikedaughter managed to get another picture, see her yawn and see that she doesn’t just suck her thumb, she puts her whole hand in her mouth!! God I love her! #hellodaughter