Bye 2020 🖕🏻 Hello 2021

What a crazy year! What with the global pandemic still very much here, it’s still hard to adapt to the change, with lockdown after lockdown but we have made the best of it! Being a key worker, it still feels fairly normal for us as I still go to work as does my husband and … Continue reading Bye 2020 🖕🏻 Hello 2021


And just like that you are 2️⃣ 🎉

2 YEARS OF LOVING YOU! ♥️ Happy 2nd Birthday to my absolute babe! This has been an amazing year watching her grow up to be this confident and funny little girl! She has come so far in the last year! It’s been hard at times with hospital visits, and watching the world go into lockdown … Continue reading And just like that you are 2️⃣ 🎉

Poorly Husband in Hospital #SingleParenting

This is what made everything about Covid 19 feel so real to me! This picture is of me wearing PPE to visit my poorly husband who has appendicitis and was in hospital! People feel that this is over the top but I have the ability to be out and about and around people so the … Continue reading Poorly Husband in Hospital #SingleParenting

First Visit to the Seaside 🏖

Best at the beach in Saltburn-by-the-sea today! Can’t believe it’s the first time we had taken her there! She loved the sand but like mummy, the water was too cold! Looking at the sea, I told Liberty that if she ever needed to feel calm, look at the sea and all your troubles will wash … Continue reading First Visit to the Seaside 🏖

It’s my birthday 🍰🥂

Happy 3️⃣6️⃣ Birthday to me! Definitely one of the strangest ones I have ever had just to current restrictions still, normally had a party or a group of us go for drinks in town! But this year will be very quiet as everything is still adjusting to the changes! We were supposed to be going … Continue reading It’s my birthday 🍰🥂

Family Day: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Rhinos 🦏 I love the fact that we can get back out and around and exploring places again! Finally got our family days back and Yesterday we went some the Animals at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Watching her little mind get blown by all the amazing animals and her excited little face! It was amazing! … Continue reading Family Day: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Family day at the Zoo 🦒🦧

A lovely morning getting out and about with The family and taking Liberty to meet some animals at the Zoo at Flamingo Land! I haven’t been since I was a child! We had a great time and it was amazing to see how excited she was and talking to the animals which you see in … Continue reading Family day at the Zoo 🦒🦧

Day felt like it used to! #Normality

The weather this weekend literally matches what is going on In the world what with it being so confusing! From jumping in muddy puddles in the rain wearing coats and wellies in the morning with the family at our local gardens @rhsharlowcarr that has reopened to have a social distancing play date with our best … Continue reading Day felt like it used to! #Normality

Book Recommendation: Calm parents, Happy Kids by Dr Laura Markham

I started to read this book ‘Calm Parents, Happy Kids’ by @drlauramarkham_ahaparenting to help me cope with the ever increasing tantrums that Liberty seems to be having and it’s already helped me change my approach and communication methods with her so I am calm and don’t react! 🧘🏻‍♀️I know that she is only a toddler … Continue reading Book Recommendation: Calm parents, Happy Kids by Dr Laura Markham