BACK TO REALITY Tomorrow👩🏻‍💻🏫

Party’s over! Going back to work and Liberty goes back to preschool and having to get everyone ready and out the house for 8am! Things can start going back into some sort of normality under the circumstances and being in tier3! It has been a lovely Christmas break and I have loved spending all this … Continue reading BACK TO REALITY Tomorrow👩🏻‍💻🏫

Decision to put Liberty back in Nursery

We made the decision to put Liberty back in nursery with the key worker place we had reserved this week after removing her 3 weeks ago! The reasons behind taking her out was that I was worried about her exposure and the fact my husband has a condition that makes him high risk. Over the … Continue reading Decision to put Liberty back in Nursery

Mum Guilt take 2

After a bad day at work, I couldn’t wait to finish to go get a Liberty from nursery and get her home for cuddles but then as soon as I was home I was wishing her to bed as was exhausted! Then I find myself just sitting in her room watching her sleep and excited … Continue reading Mum Guilt take 2

International Women’s Day 2020

For #internationalwomensday I decided to post this picture! It feels so good to be able to dress smart and able make an effort instead of living in hoodies, Sweaty Betty Leggings and Uggs! It’s the little things that make me start to feel like myself again! Like said the other day, it’s good to be … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2020

Thursdays are my favourite day!

Thursday are my new favourite day as I get to spend the day with my baby! It really was the best idea going back to work for only 4 days as helps with my anxiety about missing Liberty and I’m back to earning my own money again! #Winning I think it works better to have … Continue reading Thursdays are my favourite day!


Feeling really anxiety at the moment with mum guilt! I know I have to work but I miss her more than ever! Before while I was off she still had all of her childcare arrangements in place for 4 days a week to ensure she still had her routine and so I could get used … Continue reading MUM GUILT IS REAL 😩


**NEW CHAPTER** great start to the day as my beautiful daughter decided to sleep until 6:30am after 8 weeks of disrupted sleep as then also today I started my new job after a career change and redundancy and I’m so excited to say that I’m the new Patient Systems Support at Harrogate Hospital! Finally got … Continue reading NEW JOB ALERT

Preparing for my new Job 🙌🏻

Everyone loves an excuse to buy new stationary (obvs from Paperchase) and new clothes! Even expanded from my normal staple wardrobe colour of black and bought a floral dress and I hate floral! I do love Marks and Spencer’s 🤣My excuse is that I start my new job tomorrow 🙌🏻 It’s been a crazy few … Continue reading Preparing for my new Job 🙌🏻


Following on from a very stressful day on Friday, today things are finally looking up! The boiler has been fitted and actually heating the house and water after one of the coldest weekends ever! Just need to sort the top floor radiators but manageable! Was living my best life earlier by having a hit bubble … Continue reading #OnwardsAndUpwards

Life… #currentstatus

It’s been a struggle recently as identified from therapy today, I have been getting frustrated with boredom! As much as I love being a lady of leisure I literally Can’t wait to start my new job! Fingers crossed it works out as currently having to wait for health clearance due to being off for 4 … Continue reading Life… #currentstatus