BACK TO REALITY Tomorrow👩🏻‍💻🏫

Party’s over! Going back to work and Liberty goes back to preschool and having to get everyone ready and out the house for 8am! Things can start going back into some sort of normality under the circumstances and being in tier3! It has been a lovely Christmas break and I have loved spending all this … Continue reading BACK TO REALITY Tomorrow👩🏻‍💻🏫

DUBAI Cancelled 😩

After going back and forth with Emirates holidays trying to sort out our cancelled holiday from June to then be informed that the FCO have marked Dubai as an unsafe city and cancelled all flights out there up until the 20th of September which means no holiday for us as was due to go on … Continue reading DUBAI Cancelled 😩

Poorly Husband in Hospital #SingleParenting

This is what made everything about Covid 19 feel so real to me! This picture is of me wearing PPE to visit my poorly husband who has appendicitis and was in hospital! People feel that this is over the top but I have the ability to be out and about and around people so the … Continue reading Poorly Husband in Hospital #SingleParenting

Week 7: Fitness Update

Due to the ever-changing times I seem to have lost focus on my health and fitness which is disappointing but luckily Carly from The Fit Mummy - has continued to give me support and motivation so I can get back on it! Still managing to exercise 3 times a week and monitoring my diet … Continue reading Week 7: Fitness Update

Book Recommendation: Calm parents, Happy Kids by Dr Laura Markham

I started to read this book ‘Calm Parents, Happy Kids’ by @drlauramarkham_ahaparenting to help me cope with the ever increasing tantrums that Liberty seems to be having and it’s already helped me change my approach and communication methods with her so I am calm and don’t react! 🧘🏻‍♀️I know that she is only a toddler … Continue reading Book Recommendation: Calm parents, Happy Kids by Dr Laura Markham


Throwback to the weekend! Was lovely to get out and about in the sunshine! Back to reality this week, Dave is back to work and now nursery has opened properly and then the weather is changing 😩. It’s all starting to go slightly back to normal! It’s at this time where I think I might … Continue reading **HELLO JUNE**

Mental Health Awareness Week – The theme is Kindness!

This is me feeling like I am managing to keep my shit together! It’s during this certain time, mental health is more important than ever! You can feel isolated, lost, scared and extremely lonely during this time and it can cause you to shut off! With my personal mental health struggles I have been lucky … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week – The theme is Kindness!


Week 4 of @thefitmummytotheo (Instagram) Working on Mama 8 week programme and 4 week boot camp -I feel incredible! So much stronger and more energy! This has given me the focus and confidence during lockdown to make a positive change to my lifestyle! I was a notorious comfort eater while binge watching Netflix and HAYU. … Continue reading I AM FINALLY SEEING RESULTS! ✅💪🏻